Massive Update! ALS, Thank You’s and So Much Nintendo LPs

7 the rest - sunday

Hi guys!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a weekly update, so I thought that this week would be as good as any to get one done, especially since there’s been a lot going on.

So what’s been happening with me? I’m currently on my third – or fourth – week back in school (I’m currently doing a year for a diploma). It’s been very hectic with assignments and group work and readings and it’s been a while since I’ve had to deal with homework. So I’m kind of over-stressing right now. All that I have been capable of doing for this blog is my 30 Days of the Doctor Challenge, which is over and completed! :)

Also, I got nominated for a Liebster Award, which was a great experience. I got to discover a handful of wonderful blogs and bloggers. I took it as a humbling experience. It’s been hard work to keep this blog up and to not deter from writing on it.It’s awesome to get some recognition for it. It is also awesome to pass it down to those who have worked as hard (and probably harder) than I do.

For me it’s necessary to think back to why you started a blog to begin with, and to not forget the reasons why as you continue writing and updating.

After all of this has been said, let me add in some of my favourites for the past few weeks:

1. Songs:

2. Youtube Videos:

3. Lets Play Videos/Series:

4. Trailer: The Theory of Everything

As you can tell there are just too many videos to just embed into one long blog update so I decided to just list them out for your picking. Things I want to bring attention to:

Firstly, ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – so me choosing the Stuart Edge prank does not mean that that video was my favourite out of all the ALS Bucket Challenges that I saw. Frankly all of the ones I’ve seen are amazing and creative in their own way. Obviously a person’s favourite would probably depend on who their favourite celebrity or online personality is, so it’s kind of impossible to rule out one over the other.

Personally, to say that any was better than the other would be completely missing the point of the entire viral effort to raise awareness for Lou Gehrig’s disease. If you have only been watching the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge without even clicking on the website for it, then please do so here: Personally, I cannot imagine what it would be like to get such a disease, and I can only hope that the money raised is really being put to good use.

Secondly, I realise a trend of mine at the moment is to watch a lot of Mario Bros. games and that’s why my LP section is flooded with them. You can go and check out any of the LPs I have mentioned, ’cause their honestly all amazing and filled with laughter. I usually watch them while I’m having my lunch or dinner in front of the computer, now that I’m back in hall in uni.

Lastly, I know it’s been a while and that since then I’ve gotten quite a number of new followers. I’d like to take up the last spaces of this post to say thank you for following me. I’m no one really extraordinary, but it means a lot that you find my content interesting to you in one way or another.

Till next time!

Cumuloq <3

30DDC Day 30: What I want to see in Series 8


And here we are, about a hundred gifs and dozen of videos later, on the last day of the 30 Days of the Doctor Challenge. Tomorrow, the new Doctor Who episode for Series 8 will be out. Us Whovians have been waiting for this with bated breath.

Despite the apparent spoilers that have gone around that have spoilt the initial launch of this new series, I have been keeping myself mostly in the dark. Unlike most fans who have probably watched Doctor Who all their lives since they were young, completely immersed in the fandom, I’ve pretty much started watching it in December last year, and try to keep myself apart from all the hype – it feels as if there is a difference between my twelve-year-old Harry Potter fandom self and me now.

All that I currently know of are the teaser trailers and the episode synopsis that Steven Moffat has recently released. (You can find them here.)

So, what do I want to see from Series 8?


Firstly I want to see what the dynamics between Clara and this new Doctor will be like. It’s apparent that Clara and the 11th Doctor had a strange friendship bordering on possible romance that can be paralleled to Martha and the 10th Doctor – but now that Peter Capaldi has put his foot down against a love interest developing, I’m excited to see how the friendship will develop.

Personally, I’m looking forward to new companions as well. Not that I don’t love Jenna, but I would love to see other possibilities. I’m also looking forward to new villains that can possibly rival the Weeping Angels and the Silence, ones that challenge the new doctor and also enable him to show more wrath against his enemies.

I’m also hoping to see the writers explore more on the themes of humanity. I hope they don’t take the “time travel” aspect for granted and try to push more boundaries in terms of understanding human compassion or hatred. I think with today’s circumstances, with all the heated debates on war and human rights, Series 8 of Doctor Who should try and wrestle with the differing views of our place in the world to make decisions for ourselves and others.

Enough talk.

Series 8 tomorrow! Excited! For now enjoy the trailer:

- Cumuloq <3

30DDC Day 29: Favourite Music/Song

“I am the Doctor”

Honestly, I don’t browse the range of Doctor Who music from the past few years, but I remember this one passing through my dashboard when I was on Tumblr last month and I absolutely loved it and bonked myself on the head for not listening to the Doctor Who soundtracks more. If you guys have any other suggested tracks, or better options, feel free to let me know.

- Cumuloq <3

30DDC Day 25: Favourite Tardis Team

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship Crew

Which, other than the 11th Doctor, Amy and Rory, featured the likes of Mark Williams (Arthur Weasley) as Rory’s dad, Brian, Queen Nefertiti and Rupert Graves (Lestrade from Sherlock) as a game hunter, John Riddell. This episode also featured David Bradley (Filch in Harry Potter) as Solomon, the villain – it’s practically a crossover heaven. Moreover it was entertaining watching Brian freak over, one moment, changing a lightbulb and then suddenly materialising in the TARDIS, Rory having to try to explain everything to him, Amy having a history fangirl moment over Queen Nefertiti, and the shipping of Nefertiti with the game hunter.

- Cumuloq <3