TGFYV: lego house

Friday - TGFYV

while many may spend their fridays out in town, having a drink or a good meal and some shopping perhaps, my fridays are spent catching up with the many youtube videos that i put on my ‘watch later’ list. so these series of posts are about that. and TGFYV stands for ‘thank goodness for youtube videos’.

today’s spotlight for me is Ed Sheeran’s “Lego House (Lego Version)”

i saw this last night and couldn’t stop gaping. it’s very cool how they juxtapose the real video with the lego one, but i just couldn’t decide which one i’d rather stare at, rupert grint or the lego version of him and all the details they tried to squeeze into lego blocks.

enjoy! i’m gonna go off and watch the latest episode of glee now ‘shooting stars’! 🙂

cumuloq ❤


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