the rest: full circle!

Sunday - The Rest

wow, i can’t believe i did it. i came full circle! and i’m excited to continue this steadfast routine to record every little aspect of my days. now, i’m hoping to add in other posts in between the usual ones every now and then just to incorporate more and loosen up the fixed routine a bit. but i’m just as happy to continue this. 🙂

my weekly round-up: i really did start the week off with insomnia. i skipped the first class of this semester, a monday’s lecture. i’m kind of glad that it was a sort of revision lecture, but at the same time it was important for my assignment that is due tomorrow, so i don’t know whether it’ll have a direct effect on my results.

also thursday was a small but important stepping stone; not only did i manage to accomplish and edit and begin to feel confident about my 10,000+ words final year paper, but i was also seeing some sort of light at the end of the tunnel to my future prospects. i managed to have a nice lunch with my friend, Michelle. catching up with her sort of bridges a gap between my solo life as a linguistic student at the moment, with the rest of my english literature cohort. talking to her somehow made me feel more reassured that i was still me. it’s funny how “old” friends make you feel like yourself again almost instantly.

last night was rough. i spent the entire morning (yes, i mean morning. until 9am to be exact) trying to read a spectrogram. i think after the three hour mark i was trying to see genders of babies in the grey blurs. but i’m happy i came up with something somehow coherent. i think my prof will laugh at the sentences we students try to make out. i think at one point in time i thought it was a southern woman saying “there you, mam, having my mister” … thank goodness i realised a lot was wrong there.

alright, categories of the week!

1. song of the week: blake jenner’s (glee) “your song”
i watched the shooting star episode on friday night and almost immediately had to watch it again ’cause it really hit me and was so different from a lot of the glee episodes that centered too much on the people themselves and not enough on life itself. maybe another reason why i love the episode ‘grilled cheesus’ and ‘naked’ too – ah but ‘naked’ had great song choices anyway. the writers should really take more chances like them. 🙂 definitely my favourite part of the song is where Ryder sings the part “or a man who makes potions in a travelling show” and he plays with her hands. that small moment made me smile.
close runner-ups: kina grannis’s cover of rihanna’s “stay” and demi lovato’s “heart attack”

2. youtube video of the week: joey graceffa’s “I’M GETTING MARRIED!”
this week was kind of hard to pick, ’cause nothing at the moment is that outstanding in my mind. but when i looked back at my “playlist likes” this one seemed the best choice ’cause of all the laughs. plus, these two bounce off of each other really well. so their chemistry makes me smile. plus, i want to choose something that’ll make other smile too. 🙂 oh, and this is where the slater poem’s idea generally came from.
close runner-up: chadwsugg’s “Surprise, I’m a Dad Now!”

ahh, too cute, i just saw my prof’s email saying this about tomorrow’s assignment:

Hi guys,
I’ve received desperate calls for help. Please don’t panic.

anyway, i didn’t write one for movies ’cause i didn’t watch any movies this week. sadded. i really wanted to watch ‘warm bodies’ at the beginning of this week, but never got a chance. now it’s not in the cinemas no more and i have to get it by some other means. but here, i’ll put in a category similar to it:

3. anticipated movie (trailer) of the week: catching fire
’cause it’s coming out at the mtv movie awards tonight, which i really want to watch ’cause of rebel wilson, but i’m heading back to hall before it so i have to record it and wait for it next week. but, yes, the anticipation is killing me.

it’s been a great week here on my blog. especially since i’m surprised i got some sort of reaction from other bloggers. pleasantly so.

till next time.

cumuloq ❤


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