all the pretty things: zoella <3

Monday - All the Pretty Things

hi everyone! it’s a new week and i’m in a very good mood for a monday! 🙂  i think it’s ’cause, aptly pertaining to the monday theme of my blog, my hair is actually sitting very prettily on my head that i couldn’t help but take narcissistic little selfies of myself.

anyway, today i want to spotlight a very pretty british youtuber: Zoe!


i first saw her in the joey graceffa video i chose as my youtube video of the week last week (or yesterday, really). and i’ve recently subscribed to her two channels. she recently did a ‘draw my life’ video and it was really sweet. 🙂 she has a really infectious personality and laugh, and her eyes kind of remind me of ashley benson’s. she’s not your typical beauty youtuber either, which is what i like about her. ’cause she talks and writes about self-improvement and feeling good about one’s self as well. cue an extract from her “just say yes” post on her blog:

“As most of you may or may not be aware, I struggle with anxiety and panic attacks (read more on that here), so for me, sometimes saying no, I believe, is the only option. My mind takes control and makes me think that I will be safe doing the things that are within my comfort zone, things that don’t scare me. But, what kind of a life is that? Do I really want to be confined to doing things with baby steps over and over? Life is too short for that. Do I want to live my life turning things down and missing out on so many opportunities just because it scares me a bit? No, and neither do you.” (

i think her ability to be honest about these moments in her life make her relatable to her readers and followers. 🙂

stay tuned for a second posting today!

cumuloq ❤

her youtube channel: zoella280390
her tumblr:
her twitter: @ZozeeBo
photo credits:


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