my idea of the perfect loving relationship

Tuesday - My Idea of

it starts off with no expectations and wanting little from life. it comes from knowing who you are and being content with who you are. you can’t start something new without being at a place that you’re comfortable with. it comes from mistakes and acceptance of those mistakes and a determination that you will do better and that you also expect better for yourself in return.

it is understanding that things are not perfect. it’s not a movie you watch on the screen nor a dream you had in your mind. but sometimes you get glimpses of it. and you mould it into something that is yours and theirs, and no one can share such an experience as yours and theirs. it’s about a lot of hard work and nights that are hard and nights that are amazing. there is an ease to it but there are also moments of self-doubt too. sometimes it makes you question who you are, but rarely who they are. it makes you want to improve for the better for them. it makes you hopeful of the future. it forces you to comprehend life in a different way. you’re negotiating a space that will not only affect you but also, eventually, them too. and sometimes its a bit of sacrifice that you must be willing to make.

and in the end it’s a about the small things. all the small little things that add up to this gesture called love.


happy three year anniversary, novio.

cumuloq ❤


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