the boston marathon – the line between sympathy and blind sympathy

i logged onto my facebook just a few minutes ago and i saw one of my friends share a story that has apparently been going around for a short while about a guy who had planned to propose to his girlfriend but she had died en route to the finish line. at first i was incredibly sympathetic, and i admit i did fall for the rhetoric of the story (’cause frankly who would not when they hear such a terrible tragedy?)


the original source of the story from a girl’s twitter (who shall not be named in this post)

but on closer inspection, i realised the photo that was posted with it was familiar. i had only checked one other article regarding the boston marathon earlier today and it was from a reliable source: so i went back to it and saw the exact same photo but with a very different caption alongside it:

cnn photo


at that point i felt an initial outrage and eventually disappointment. as much as i am absolutely sympathetic towards the event, (albeit the arguments that there are far more tragic circumstances as we speak in the middle east and all over the world) i can’t help but criticise those who were not directly affected yet still feel the need to parasitically attach themselves to the larger implications of the bombings. while the person who tweeted this false story may not have had the motives to spur further discrimination and hatred into the hearts of Americans. the creation and hyperbole of such a story will definitely result in blind followers and prejudice towards the culprits of the attack.

once again, i do feel for the victims of the incident. i believe that no one should have to go through such an experience in their lives of having to see people close to them badly injured and suffering. no one should have to go through such trauma. but at the same time, one needs to be discerning of the news they receive, especially from social media sites like facebook and twitter. look for more reliable sources before you believe. the common people can have empathetic words to share, but their words are not always fact.

till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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