awsd day: gamers and swearing

Thursday - AWSD Day

currently watching: UberHaxorNova’s “UNPROFESSIONALISM – Mob of the Dead …” (and slightly irked by the language. but willing to put it aside for the lols and the game play.)


when it comes to swearing, Nova here is not the worse. when it comes to personal preference on watching youtube gamers, i realise that i prefer those who do not cuss like a sailor. and when i say ‘cuss like a sailor’ i don’t mean the occasional swear word during rage quit that i know gamers can’t help but spit out during the heat of the moment. no, those are funny and often times, in attempting to be creative in their euphemisms, very amusing; i mean the ones that think it’s cool to drop the f-bomb in every sentence they say in retort to the onslaught of enemies coming at them.

now, agreed, i am talking from the female perspective here, and the games are explicitly violent and filled with curse words themselves, but there are plenty of well-known gamers who are genuinely clean-mouthed when they play and honestly have a lot better skills than those that think that being cool and getting more viewership is achieved by displaying their dominance through spluttering out strings of profanities (apologies for throwing in my linguistics and gender studies in there.)

and here is the evidence. i watched seananners and juicetra play the exact same game and map earlier today and they rarely cursed and were instead more inclined towards “fostering teamwork”. see video comparison here. there is something a lot easier on the ears and the viewing when players choose to playfully banter rather than curse and scream at each other when it comes to achieving a task in a game.

till next time,

cumuloq ❤


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