tgfyv: the ghost of videos past, present and future

Friday - TGFYV

1. youtube history: iHasCupquake’s ‘300k Omegle Fan Appreciation Video Chat!’

when cupquake hit 300,000 fans she went on omegle to surprise them! it’s always really nice when youtubers reach out to their fans, and it is always really awesome how technology connects people and how eager people are to share their lives and happiness. so it’s generally a feel good video.

2. youtube feed: GleeOnFox’s ‘Full Performance of “You Have More Friends Than You Know” from “Sweet Dreams” | GLEE’

i haven’t seen the episode yet, but it popped up on my feed so i’m listening to this now. it’s really beautiful. i love it when glee turns down the drama and sings more stripped down songs. marley’s voice and blaine’s voice is just beautiful together.

3. youtube watch later: pleatedjeans’ ‘How To Get Rid of Ants’

i honestly have way too many videos in my watch later list. usually people go onto youtube to destress, but when i go on i look at the number of videos i’ve promised to myself to watch later and i just get so stressed out! currently there’s 59 videos there. some as old as october 2012 last year. i.e. they have just been sitting there since october 2012 when they came out on my feed and i clicked the ‘watch later’ button. the above vid has been here since last month, not too bad, but i still haven’t watched it yet. you’d probably end up watching it faster than me. and honestly about 70% of the videos in my ‘watch later’ list is minecraft-related. i think i go on a high just clicking ‘watch later’ for every episode in one minecraft series, but i never get to watching it ’cause the video length (they’re usually around 20mins to 45mins long) and the number of episodes there are usually turn me off doing it.

enjoy the videos!

cumuloq ❤


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