the rest: life decisions

Sunday - The Rest

my weekly round-up: i can’t really recall a lot of what happened this week. it involved a lot of tying of loose ends to my semester: editing my final year paper, submitting in my assignments, handing in my library books, handing in my clicker, and going for my last few classes.

the pressures of having to find a job versus me not sure whether i want a job yet or what job exactly am i willing to settle for is also really beginning to confuse me. at this point i’m willing to ship myself to another country to just get away from it all; any form of escapism, really, will do. which is probably why i’ve spent a lot more time on youtube and on this blog rather than spending it on preparing for my quiz tomorrow (which i keep procrastinating on with the excuse that it’s open book) and finishing off the last few bits and pieces of my fyp.

the transitional stage between being a student to being a working adult does scare me. maybe because as a student i feel like everything is still being aspired to and i still have time to dream, but when i finally get a job it’ll all be about what the company or boss wants instead of what i want to be able to achieve. and, since the job will take up so much of my time, what if i’m too exhausted to figure out my own dreams anymore? what if i become a walking nightmare of gregor samsa?

alright, before i get myself into a slump, here are the ‘of the weeks’! 🙂

1. song of the week: paramore’s “still into you”

the style of the verses in this song really took me off-guard, ’cause i was so used to the old paramore. i haven’t listened to them in a while. maybe since ‘brick by boring brick’ (i love that song btw). but this one really had an infectiousness i couldn’t resist.

2. movie of the week: ‘the story of luke’ (2012)
i also watched ‘warm bodies’, but why would i be promoting ‘warm bodies’? nicholas holt just being in it is a good enough promotion. plus, i think the plot of that movie began a bit too slow and all the scenes were already in the trailer. plus, there wasn’t enough of analeigh tipton to make me happy. so i think if there was any movie that deserved some form of promotion, ‘the story of luke’ is one of them with its subtle humor and feel-good vibes. it kind of forces you to change your perspective in life. i think any good movie should do something like that.

3. youtube video of the week: ‘youtuber innuendo bingo with pointlessblog’

watched it about five times this week and at 3 a.m. in the morning it can really make a person laugh till they can’t take it anymore. plus, i think these guys do it a lot better than the radio station from which it originated from.

4. trailer of the week: ‘man of steel’

i loved smallville but i didn’t watch any of the previous superman movies cause, frankly, they didn’t look very good and they didn’t make much of an impact in the box office either. but this one looks amazing. it really does. and it’s all ’cause of a really well-positioned trailer. maybe one of the few superhero movies that i am really looking forward to. and that’s saying a lot ’cause i was never into batman or iron man that much.

till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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