trapped in the cell-uloid: short films

Wednesday - Trapped in the Cell-Uloid

this week i want to turn away from the pixar and dreamworks films and take a look at short films. it’s crazy how much people pay to watch movies in the cinemas these days when there are actually amazing concepts and well-shot pieces of art on youtube from film festivals. and since these shorts do not get large amounts of budgets and aren’t given the opportunity to hire celebrity actors or incredible film locations, there is a lot more effort necessary to work around a budget to create an amazing piece of work. there’s no following of generic scripts. a lot of what hinges on them winning is an original script that captures an experience or moment. it is a different sort of experience. and, best of all, these experiences are online for free.

‘love sick’ by kevin lacy

so go youtube: ‘film festival shorts’ and have a marathon of them. you may be pleasantly surprised that they may touch your heart and make you feel far more than a movie in the cinema is capable of. let’s play homage to these aspiring film artists for a change! 🙂

till next time,

cumuloq ❤


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