you shouldn’t stop a person from writing

there are people everywhere that aspire to write in situations or limitations that don’t exactly equate to ‘writing success’. but you should never, ever, tell somebody that they cannot write or they shouldn’t.

you may look at their writing and see a generic pattern that you’ve seen with every aspiring writer: strange names, cliched styles, superfluous language, or just terrible terrible grammar. but you should never tell them “no, please stop. don’t do it” or “you will never get anywhere with that. stop.”

why? because today, in a society that is so bent on progress and on efficiency and on what can make the world move physically and monetarily and technologically, people forget what makes us move emotionally. and it is all forms of art. and one of the most basic forms is writing.

anyone bold enough to try, should be given the opportunity to try and even though they are not perfect, you should not pull them apart for their imperfections.

’cause somewhere in their words is a person who is honestly trying to express themselves.

today, it can be said that everything that we can write has been written, every thought that has been thought has been put down in pen and paper by people far more eloquent and intelligent than us. you can write a poem with words but those words are borrowed words from years ago. so where do words stand now? where do the words ‘i love you’ or ‘i miss you’ or ‘i’m up at 3 a.m. thinking about you’ stand if they have been said time and time again?

there is this space somewhere between the pen and the paper, between the space in time when an emotion is felt and then written on paper, that a reader can never know of, that can never be articulated in any more words than ‘i love you’. the person who feels the words the most at any given place in time is the writer.

so while words have been written, though they sound cliche or if you feel like a voice among a thousand others attempting to make a living through writing, do not feel alone and do not feel generic and do not feel like your words are overused. just write. and, likewise, do not stop a person who wants to write those words from writing them down themselves. because there is an experience in that moment of writing down those words that is not felt by you or the reader or anyone else around them. it is a private experience. do not stop the writer from writing what they write. for what is written is not words. it is not even written. it is a sense, an emotion. and they should thereby be entitled to it.

keep writing,

cumuloq ❤


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