tgfyv: too many series

Friday - TGFYV

i’m trying to find the reason behind why my watch later list is always filled, and i think i know why. i follow way too many series and i just pile them up and get too lazy to watch them. yes. that must be why. so these are the current series that are plugging up my watch later list:

1. rage’s minecraft quick build challenge

this is the one i’m currently watching. this one isn’t too bad at the moment, ’cause i’m updated now, but about two weeks ago i swear there was about twenty plus of these videos in my watch later list. thank you, rage.

2. iHasCupquake’s sims 3 series

this one has been there for ages. just sitting there. and i don’t know when i’ll continue watching it. i currently stopped at episode 26.

3. iHasCupquake’s minecraft oasis series

yup, another iHasCupquake series. i’m currently at episode 28. there was a time when i was ahead of this series because she stopped recording for a while, but since she’s been on it lately, i haven’t had the chance, or didn’t have the impetus to keep up.

4. CaptainSparklez’s modded survival let’s play

it began with the above video but then evolved to modded survival after he added the rpg mod. i’m currently at episode 60 of the modded one. but it takes me some time to get through all of them, so they sometimes clog my watch later list as well.

5. DailyMixTV’s challenge jim with zoella

and before you think that the only series i watch is minecraft (although they are the most consistent and easiest to follow), i’ve also currently have a few of these videos in my watch later list. i’ve watched a few of them before. i love watching jim and zoella on their separate channels so having them together is awesome.

apart from series though, i also have a ton of subscribed videos in there. and you’ll be glad to here that a lot of them actually are not minecraft videos (they’re actually cod2 and l4d2 videos…) but yup, fridays make me happy ’cause i get a chance to go through all the videos i have put in the list and free up space for next week! 🙂

till next time,

cumuloq ❤


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