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Sunday - The Rest

my weekly round-up: this week was an unusual one, as it began with the end of my school’s semester. i had my quiz in the morning, which turned out better than i thought it would (seeing as i didn’t actually study for it). and then after that i went to submit my final year paper.

now, the week before i had actually, in a span of three days, managed to get an internship which began itching and bugging me the rest of this week. i found out about the opening at a pr firm on wednesday, submitted an application that night, got a reply the next day to go in for an interview the next day and then on friday i went for it and they suggested i begin with an internship and then after that we could consider whether this was something i wanted permanently. all that uncertainty began to bite at me this week as i considered the income of the internship, the possible conclusion of it, and the four month period of the internship which seemed to clog up a lot of possible months i could be looking for something else. after talking to my dad, i realised that what i voiced out about it was only negative, and that my heart was truly not in it. and i felt that i should just step away from it before i consider it with any more negativity.

it was then kind of funny when i met my friend on thursday for dinner and she was like “when did all of this happen?” and i had to explain all of it to her.

right now, i realise what i want most of all at this moment, and that is to kind of sort out myself and who i am after getting a degree and how i see myself as an adult. i may need to take a month or so to try to figure this out, but i think i’ll be a lot more certain of what kind of career i am able to pursue after this.

1. song of the week: sam tsui’s “me without you”

i think i fell in love with the lyrics and the song almost immediately when i heard it in passing. so this is definitely my song of the week.
close second: against the current’s “closer, faster”

2. youtube video of the week: “ask luke! with chad suggs!”

i watched this earlier this week and it really made me smile.

3. trailer of the week: “thor 2: the dark world”

till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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