all the pretty things: humility

Monday - All the Pretty Things

this time round i think i want to just talk about a ‘pretty’ trait, and that’s humility.

humility is the trait that makes you root for the little guy in a storybook, and keeps you rooting for them even when they rise above their struggles to achieve their heart’s desire.

sure, they sometimes may not start as humble at first (take oedipus rex, for example, or emperor kuzco, what have you), but under circumstances which bring about hardship, the protagonist often will achieve a moment of humility, and that is what makes the story a tragedy or a triumph.

humility shines through anything superficially superior. it shines through the incredible amount of gold in your bank account and the incredible amount of cosmetics on your face and the designer labels you wear.

it makes you approachable and it paradoxically makes you someone others look up to – not because of the things you have but the appreciation you have for the things people forget they have. 🙂

till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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