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Tuesday - My Idea of

some self-evaluating time! i’m actually quite proud of myself for having kept up with the current schedule. but i feel like there are certain kinks in it that are making me unable to continue writing on certain sections i.e. certain days.

i kinda like the “all the pretty things” for monday, so i might keep it as it is. i like the theme of tuesday but i feel like i need to rephrase it. wednesday is alright, i guess. i need to rephrase it too though. and i feel like i need to replace thursdays with something else. fridays are okay, but fridays makes me lazy, and i usually just end up taking the lazy route and embedding a youtube video into the blog and then typing five words for it and then being done with it. i feel like it needs more structure. i kind of like saturdays! it was the one i was dreading the most, ’cause if i haven’t written in a while, i get into a stump and all clogged up and i just feel like i’m having writer’s constipation block. and sundays are good. haha. i like sundays – the entire round-up – makes me feel like i ended the week well. okay. i feel like i did an adaptation of the cure’s song.

another thing i want to change about my blog is the small photos for every day. i knew that i would change it eventually in the future, so i hope i can get to redesigning them properly soon. ’cause they were just meant to be kinda placeholders or ‘general ideas’ of what the placeholders would look like. i also feel like my blog layout needs a makeover, but i’ve always been lazy when it comes to html. so i’ll get to it eventually.

another thing i really want to do is to actually go around and read other people’s blogs and really make connections with other bloggers. i’ve read a few blogs here and there, but not as many as i want to after a month. and i really feel like, to have a good blog, you need to be part of the community. and i really want to attempt to get to know what the community is like and what other people have been writing.

lastly, i’m also planning a second blog. (too soon perhaps? this one isn’t even established yet..) but the other one has an entirely different outlook and approach to it.

i feel like blogging is slowly becoming an integrated part of my life, and these are the points i feel like i need to improve on most of all. but mostly, thank you for the people who read this blog and those who follow and like my posts. i know that this is first and foremost a place for me to document my own thoughts and emotions, but it always feels very encouraging when i have other people interested in my small little brain farts. (i hope i didn’t turn you off from reading anymore from that expression).

till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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