she looks just like emma watson!


i just watched this youtube video and had to blog about how much she looks like emma watson! i was stunned.

actually, dailymix somehow manages to get a lot of people in the studio for celebrity makeovers who already look like the celebrities they are attempting to get ‘a look’ from. but i think so far, this one definitely takes the cake.

comments on the video itself: i love tanya, but i really don’t think katie needed that much foundation, or that kind of foundation. it really looked like she was wearing a mask and seemed to point out more flaws than to even out her skin tone. but then again, tanya did say that she didn’t really endorse fourteen-year-olds wearing make-up, and neither do i, so i think putting make-up on her in this vid was just for the sole purpose of showing how much the girl looked like emma.

just a random blog post! 🙂

cumuloq ❤


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