trapped in the cell-uloid: my favourite tv shows

Wednesday - Trapped in the Cell-Uloid

i know this isn’t really “movie” related. but it’s close enough. plus, i thought i should put out there some of the shows i love.

1. pretty little liars
i think this is one of the few tv shows that can give me pure chills, even when watching it in low quality, on my laptop.

it’s the story of four girls who recently lose their “queen bee”, alison dilaurentis. shortly after her body’s disappearance, they get messages from an anonymous person who labels herself ‘A’. at first they think it’s alison, but after the cops find her dead body, they soon realise that it is someones else who wants to get back at them for the hurt they, and especially alison, has caused in the past. things begin to get dangerous as the lives of their loved ones are put at risk.

i can easily breeze through several episodes at once and the twists and turns are honestly so mind-boggling, one really should not make an attempt to scrutinize every nook and cranny (despite the fact that there are pages dedicated on solving some of the hints thrown in every now and then).

one thing i always need from a good tv show are characters that i can feel for and some tv shows really do not allow you to grasp anything deep about their characters *cough* 90210 *cough cough*. but i think my favourite character keeps changing in every season ’cause there is something i relate to with every character.

at first it was aria, with her straight-on-the-ball love for poetry and literature (and her literature teacher). then i loved emily’s character for her reckless and stubborn compassion for others and a need to always get to the bottom of situations. but by season three, spencer really kept my attention ’cause of her relationship with toby and her amazing acting and wit.

now that i’m waiting for the next season to come, i really feel like doing a pretty little liars marathon. and for those who have yet to catch the show, now’s the perfect time to!

2. bbc’s sherlock

forget about the films and forget about the dodgy american remake of it that is currently out. no one makes a better modern sherlock than benedict cumberbatch. and certainly no one can wrap up the bromance like martin freeman.

the plot requires the slightest of details and analytical assumptions to reach a logical conclusion and i think it’s the few shows where i really put my brain at work trying to solve the mystery – and sometimes am able to (okay, only the first episode, and that was quite a bit into the plot itself).

i love the fact that it’s a tv show that is well-cultured too. and by that i don’t mean that it’s coated in yoghurt (was that a really lame pun?), but that it really involves an intelligent brain to draw links to culture references in literature, music and art.

3. buffy the vampire slayer

i’m gonna go old school for this one and say buffy the vampire slayer. ’cause sarah michelle gellar and the brilliant comedy and plot of joss whedon (mostly known for directing ‘avengers’ in 2012 .. which was also awesome as well).

i have watched this show from the first episode to the last and absolutely loved the world and the creatures and the characters. i think i’ve yet to find a show that can pull me in with the supernatural as this one did. yup, not even vampire diaries, teen wolf or what have you. honestly, supernatural was better back in the days with buffy and charmed around.

and that is my top three favourite tv shows. i have other ones i love to catch up with: glee, big bang theory, adventure time. i loved watching the simpsons, friends and family guy. but i think the above three have really been very all-rounded in the way they have caught my attention.

and i know, some may protest and say, “where’s game of thrones?! where’s the walking dead?!” i’ve watched season one and almost the entire season two of game of thrones, but i haven’t managed to watch it all. i think i stopped somewhere and forgot to continue. and i don’t think i can make as strong a judgement of it as my favourite until i see the rest of the episodes. as for the walking dead, i watched the first two episodes and haven’t continued since there .. maybe because i wanted more zombie action. but hey, that’s just me.

till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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