awsd: redstone gripes

Thursday - AWSD Day

been watching a lot of roosterteeth’s let’s play lately. i feel like i’m late in getting to know who they are. but i am still going around the minecraft scene on youtube. i watched this video and thought it was amazing how they managed to make it work with all the redstone:

redstone to me is a lot like electronics and wiring in the minecraft world. and i don’t think i can begin to get my head around how to do anything redstone related as of yet. mostly ’cause i’m too lazy to read the wiki on what’s the difference between levers, buttons, tripwires and pressure plates. and definitely too lazy to know how a repeater works and the notches it has on it.

i think it took me far too long to figure out how to create my automated door via pressure plates in my minecraft world. but when i did manage to get it done it was such a sense of accomplishment.

on my to-do list, in respect to redstone, i would definitely want to know how to make an elevator (i know it’s got something to do with alternate pistons going up) and, i don’t know, anything else that i can make automated, honestly. oh! i would definitely love to make a room with redstone lamps that can all be turned on with a lever, like a light switch. yes. please.

but isn’t it ironic that to have things for the lazy man one mustn’t be lazy?

till next time,

cumuloq ❤


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