tgfyv: get to know me through youtube :)

Friday - TGFYV

i think this was one of the first videos i saw today from youtube:


and i thought it would be a great platform for me to answer these questions for you so that you won’t get 0 points in a get to know me quiz and make me feel like such a terrible blogger for not sharing things about myself. for those who already know me, guess your answer while watching the vid and see below for the answers. 🙂

Q: favourite colour?
A: turquoise. hence the amalgamation of cumulo+(tur)quoise. i recently found on merriam webster, though, another name for the colour, or a colour very similar to it (since i might be colourblind to minute shades of green and blue): verdigris green. i might just say that instead of turquoise in the future to sound sophisticated. but, just so you know, it’s just turquoise.

Q: sibling names?
A: Andre, my younger brother.

Q: first youtube video?
A: i honestly can’t remember the first one i made. but i think it’s something along the lines of a song with smallville clips in it. it might have been ‘supergirl’ by krystal harris starring lana as supergirl. the only one on my channel at the moment is the ‘as told by ginger’ song ‘splinter in my heart’. i decided to upload it since i couldn’t find it on youtube myself. so you get points for you’ll probably get points for saying that. or maximum ride videos. ’cause i did have about three of them on my channel before i privatized them. and i guess you can get points for saying none ’cause i’m not a youtuber anyway.

Q: middle name?
A: don’t have one.

Q: favourite subject at school?
A: depends which stage at school. art, definitely, when i was in primary school. secondary school and junior college was geography. college … i could only love english literature ’cause that was my major. i think people suspect that i really loved english in school. but i think it was always second to all the above subjects. i was good at english, but it isn’t really an enjoyable subject by nature. unless i’m reading books that i love in it.

Q: favourite film?
A: pan’s labyrinth a.k.a. el laberinto del fauno hand’s down. definitely my favourite.

Q: favourite music artist?
A: yellowcard. again, hand’s down. i went to their concert and, in that sweaty claustrophobic mosh pit, with my hands in the air, i felt like i had reached nirvana.

Q: favourite animal?
A: the wolf. though i have a lot of close seconds.

Q: birthday?
A: 21st october. but, i also have a second birthday (’cause my passport was registered on this day so it just came out like it), so my legal birthday is 28th october.

Q: how tall am i?
A: 160cm or about 5 foot 3. (see, i cater to both metric and US system.)

so there you go! now you know more about me. and if you already know me, i hope you got most of it correct! or at least you also learnt a lot more about me. 🙂

till next time! keep smiling and being happy!

cumuloq ❤


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