the rest: hi may!

Sunday - The Rest

my weekly round-up: this week was quite eventful. wednesday, labour day, i had to go with my parents to see some family friends i haven’t seen since i was in australia. it’s strange meeting people you knew when you were younger ’cause the relationship dynamics kind of change a bit. you’re able to actually have mature conversations – like what job i’m looking for and how to save money for the future and choose a house over a big marriage … and i sat there feeling like a bullseye. the day after another family friend came over to the house and we watched the amazing race and celebrated my mum’s birthday.

then yesterday i finally moved out of hall. it took me an hour’s packing and i was out of there. it was weird how you imagined certain milestones in the future impacting you, but when you’re there in the moment you just feel nothing. it’s just like another routine. i honestly felt a lot sadder during the first year of moving out of hall.

yesterday night i was trying to make a monster spawner (i honestly still need to figure out how it works the smart way, i just randomly place blocks like an idiot). and i nicely, like a noob, set the house on fire ’cause i placed lava within range of wood. and i have a lot of wood in that freaking house. so i think i furiously left-clicked until my mouse spoiled badly. i need a new mouse. maybe a cooler looking one than the one hp threw in for free with my laptop. well, definitely one that can handle my furious clicking.

and today i went to work. yes, i managed to get my butt off my seat and do something productive. i hope i continue this streak (which is not a streak actually, i just went for one day.)

now for my weeklies!

1. song of the week: approaching nirvana’s “lapse in time continuous electronic mix”

again, i usually wouldn’t put up anything electronic, but the music is really good for when i just want to focus on something else, like building. lack of words help. and it also helps me from singing it out loud. it doesn’t help me from attempting to hum the beat though. which i think i fail at quite epic-ly.

2. youtube video of the week: the slow mo guys’ “paint explosions”

another channel that i recently discover ala roosterteeth’s gavinfree. i think i spammed these videos for a good half hour. there’s something oddly satisfying about watching things in slow motion. but i definitely wouldn’t want anyone trying to attempt the things they do in their own homes. but if you do, make sure you video it.

and i think that’s it with my weekly favourites, ’cause my mouse is seriously annoying the heck out of me and i would like to get this post out by today, if not next century.

till next time!

an absolutely exasperated cumuloq ❤


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