all the pretty things: philosophy

1 all the pretty things - monday

firstly, i’d like to comment on how “pretty” i think my new banners look (cue self-appraisal). next, i’d like to actually move onto a product review. yes, an actual product review besides all the random pretty things that i have discussed in the past. so today i’m going to talk about the philosophy brand line. specifically, philosophy’s inner grace shampoo, bath & shower gel shown below.


how i came about it: found it in sephora next to all its siblings on the shelf while looking for a birthday present for my mum. i first considered buying one of their anti-aging products, but i thought the bath stuff would be more fun for a first-time buy. i think if i had another chance i might get her the ‘hope in the jar’ though. but i heard it does not smell as great as it works.

first impressions: when i first used it, i really couldn’t get over its smell. ’cause that’s the main reason why i bought it, ’cause it smelled so clean. it’s difficult to find body gel nowadays that actually smells like clean soap, but this one did. so i think the general freshness of the smell was one reason why it won me over. also i liked the packaging. i’m instantly bought over by things with words on them, especially inspiring words. plus i like its simplicity. minimalism goes a long way with packaging. i think a lot of companies forget that these days ..

final review: my mum loves the smell of the product. but the thing is that inner grace’s shower gel should not really package itself as a 3-in-one. ’cause honestly, it’s only a good gel, and that’s it.

my mum claimed that she could not use it as a shampoo as it made her hair itch scalp itch (hair doesn’t itch!). indeed, it said at the back of the bottle that using it frequently as a shampoo may ’cause irritation. then, i have to ask, why even attempt to label it as a shampoo if it cannot be used … as a shampoo?

i know it’s bad for the hair, but i like to use shampoos daily (with conditioner, of course). and i’m certain that the philosophy inner grace would not live up to my demands on a daily shampoo. hence, you can’t really call it an all in one.

also, on using it, i wish it had more foam to it. i like gels that really do bubble up a bit. inner grace bubbles up a little, and that’s if you really force those bubbles up yourself. the smell of the gel itself probably lasts for an hour or so. so in terms of being ‘perfumed’, it really isn’t that amazing.

if i were to get it again, it would be for the smell of it. the smell of the gels are really unique. but apart from that, it’s a decent shower gel, but a poor whatever else it claims to be. the hype is all in the packaging. i don’t think it’ll stop me from trying any of their other products though.

rating: i’d give it a 3.5 out of 5 (mostly for its great smell)

till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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