the idealist: things to make you happier

2 the idealist - tuesday

i changed the topic of tuesday into the idealist so that i could include “pick-me-up” lists and posts for my readers and my future self. i think i can speak for a lot of people when i say that if there was one thing we aimed in life it is to live it better. (better in what ways?) we seek to make ourselves feel better, we aim to make others feel better and we aim to make the most of the minimal hours we have left.

so this will be a simple list of things that generally aim to make me and hopefully you feel better after a grueling day:

1. take a shower
showers are an amazing way to not only strip away the sweat and dirt of the day, it also helps you strip away the stress that goes along with it. it was one of the sole places one can call their own while they’re in there, no distractions, just you closed off from the rest of the world, able to retrace your steps, resolve your issues and step out as though you’re starting anew. warm showers are also known to release dopamine in your body which increases creativity. so if you’re in a slump the entire day, not sure how to solve problems or just generally stuck in a bad mood, a shower is a great way to get the cogs working again and finding new solutions.

2. sleep on it/nap on it
sometimes there is nothing you can do about your problems and at the late hours in the night, or the early hours of the morning, sometimes your bad moods are a whole lot worse than you think they are. a good way to get over it is to just put it to rest and get some rest yourself. maybe the next morning you’ll realise that your bad mood was for no reason whatsoever, or that somewhere in your sleep your brain has found a way to resolve those issues you’ve been having.

3. listen to music
and by this i mean the right kind of music. ’cause while there is a lot of music out there that can make you happy again, there is also a lot of music that will make you even more depressed than you actually are. you want the kind that makes you warm and fuzzy, that makes you smile and sing your heart out and block out anything that can be causing you pain or heartache. but at the same time, something you can still relate to. everyone has their own go-to artist or song. i know the band, yellowcard, got me through a lot of difficult times. one of my favourite feel good songs at the moment is luke conrad and ingrid’s cover of imagine dragons’ ‘it’s time’. take your pick and hit replay. a trick on youtube is to put the words ‘repeat’ in the url after ‘youtube’. it’ll send you straight to a website that will play your current song on repeat and even make you feel guilty about how many times you’ve ‘raped that repeat button’.

4. write it down and tear it out
if there’s one thing my creative writing minor has taught me, it’s that free writing is not only a good way to ensure that you’re never suffering from writer’s block, but also a good way to relieve stress. the idea is to keep writing for a specified amount of time, ten to fifteen minutes is good. in this time, don’t stop writing. don’t lift your pen from your paper. you write whatever comes immediately from your mind to the paper. even if it sounds ridiculous, even if you make mistakes, do not censor yourself. you can rant here all you like. you can’t just throw away all the words that are cluttering your brain. and at the end of it, don’t read it. throw it away and never see it again. your mind will feel a lot clearer.

5. exercise
not my personal favourite, ’cause i don’t like getting off my butt, but it honestly does work. go for a jog and aim to hit a greater distance each time. jogging helps you in so many ways. it forces you to clear your mind and focus on your breathing. it forces you to push yourself. when i’m jogging, when i feel like giving up, i usually force myself to keep going to ‘prove others wrong’. i usually never have a specific opponent in mind, but it feels good to push yourself against an imaginary obstacle. it makes you feel all the more better when you succeed, that you are proving whoever, in the past, or the present, or anyone in the future, who may say or do something that makes you feel inferior to them. pushing yourself to your limit is a good feeling. it makes you feel like you’re worth something.

and if the above five choices of mine don’t make you happy, here’s a little picture to make you smile:
and here’s the cheesy part, ’cause you know it’s coming in any inspirational post: the last thing you can do to make yourself happier is to change your mindset and accept that you are allowed to feel down sometimes, you’re allowed to get yourself in a slump, but at the end of the day, it is you who determines your happiness.

keep smiling!

cumuloq ❤


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