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whenever i put three things in a row, such as the above header, i’m always inclined to put an “oh my!” behind it. ’cause somehow the wizard of oz has affected me that much. i decided to change the topic of wednesday a bit ’cause i felt that the topic of movies, albeit others are able to revolve their blog around the entire topic, is a challenge for me as i don’t spend as much time watching movies every week as i do other things. don’t get me wrong, i love movies, but i only watch them once or twice a month. i guess i’m really selective about the kind of movies i want to invest my time in (plus my country has such a horrible choice in the movies they wish to keep in the cinemas every month). so i decided, so as to make the post longer, and to cover more of the other things that i spend with my time, i’d just group all these lovely things together in one post per week.

1. movies
there currently aren’t many movies i want to watch that are in the cinema at the moment. so that’s probably why i haven’t really gone to watch any of the movies. (simple logic here). but if i were to go i think the movies that catch my attention the most at the moment is evil dead and spring breakers.
i usually look for films that push from the cheesy Hollywood plots that come out way too often these days. and i think these two films will prove to be more worth the money than other good but potentially forgettable movies. but that’s always my first impression, which i usually take up on to be pretty accurate in general.

2. music
i was listening to demi’s new album yesterday and i easily breezed through her thirteen songs. some of my favourites include “without the love” (track 3), “something that we’re not” (track 10), “shouldn’t come back” (track 12) and “warrior” (track 13). it’s all available on youtube on demi’s main channel to listen to, so you should definitely check it out.

3. tv shows
as for tv shows, i haven’t really been watching many. i watched the mid-half of the most recent season of the amazing race, mainly for meghan and joey. but i stopped once they were eliminated.

one thing i can’t wait for, however, is the glee season finale “all or nothing”.

i’m not sure what others have been saying about the new season, but i actually really love the new cast. i might have said this before, but i’ll say it again.

marley gets on my nerves some times, but in all, she is actually a great addition. i wish they focused more on her relationship with her mother and her anorexia and less on her ability to sing – ’cause i honestly don’t see it that much. it sounds like she strains a lot harder to hit the fuller high notes than some of the other cast.

i love ryder’s character a lot. i have a soft spot for his character, which is weird ’cause when i watched the glee project, i was honestly rooting for Aylin, mostly ’cause of the issues she could cover in the show. but i think they were right, now when i think over it, casting ryder in his role.

i also really love kitty, despite everyone in the cast saying she’s so mean. i actually think she’s one of the more respectful cast members. they say they’ll finally reveal who is catfishing ryder in the final episode. as much as i have a terrible gut feeling it might be wade (unique), i really do hope it is kitty, ’cause ryder and her have a lot of potential chemistry.

and lastly, i really like jacob’s personality. i think glee made a wrong move of putting him in the position as puckerman’s “bad little brother”. i don’t know why he’d be more appealing as a “bad boy” stereotype ’cause somehow, i feel by nature, jacob actually has very little bad boy qualities about him. and he is suspiciously too good at falling in line as a good boyfriend for marley. if anything, he’s a better boyfriend than she is a girlfriend.

i love the friendship beginning between rachel, kurt and santana in new york. i feel like, apart from finn, maybe, their storyline is relevant and should stay in the series. on the other hand, there are some old hats that i feel really need to leave the cast ’cause they are cobwebbing the entire season. this includes puck, mercedes, artie, mike, tina, quinn, sam (no, i do not like sam’s character, i think he just adds some stupid comedy that is not what the season needs), brittany and unique. i think unique isn’t a character that should have ended up transferring to mckinley high.

wow, i didn’t meant to go on a glee rant. i feel like this deserves its own post. but anyway, summing it up, i can’t wait to see this season finale. mostly ’cause i’m hoping the new season will result in a lot of clearing up of old hats and a brand new story line. nostalgia needs to end as soon as the glee member’s high school days do.

till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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