tgfyv: a playlist of my teenhood

5 tgfyv - friday

i feel like, if there was any time that music defined me, it was when i was between thirteen and eighteen-years-old. and there are certain songs, a whole bunch of them really, that remind me of that time. so here’s a playlist of all the songs that just transport me (and by transport, i mean really kicks me, with a heavy leather boot, all the way back there) to that era. and do note that while i’m making this playlist, i’m listening to every single one of these songs for the first time in about six to eight years.

so here’s to a playlist of my teenhood (in no particular order):

1. hawthorne heights – ohio is for lovers
2. story of the year – until the day i die
3. blink 182 – down
4. blue october – hate you
5. three days grace – pain
6. papa roach – getting away with murder
7. bullet for my valentine – all these things i hate (revolve around me)
8. fall out boy – dance, dance
9. my chemical romance – helena
10. sum 41 – still waiting
11. green day – basket case
12. the offspring – can’t repeat
13. weezer – perfect situation
14. relient k – be my escape
15. cute is what we aim for – curse of curves
16. switchfoot – stars
17. breaking benjamin – the diary of jane
18. thirty seconds to mars – the kill (bury me)
19. yellowcard – way away
20. all time low – dear maria, count me in
21. boys like girls – hero/heroine
22. the academy is … – about a girl
23. the academy is … – summer hair = forever young (’cause i couldn’t choose between 22 and 23)
24. simple plan – untitled
25. taking back sunday – liar (it takes one to know one)
26. afi – miss murder
27. head automatica – lying through your teeth
28. cute is what we aim for – practice makes perfect
29. underoath – writing on the walls
30. between the trees – the way she feels
31. dashboard confessional – stolen
32. permanent me – allison
33. jack’s mannequin – dark blue
34. the summer obsession – do you remember
35. hellogoodbye – here in your arms
36. eve 6 – here’s to the night
37. cartel – honestly
38. funeral for a friend – into oblivion (reunion)
39. lostprophets – last train home
40. matchbook romance – my eyes burn
41. escape the fate – not good enough for truth and cliche
42. waking ashland – october skies
43. our lady peace – somewhere out there
44. against me! – walking is still honest
45. forever the sickest kids – she’s a lady

as you can tell, the list is long. and i think some of them are probably hitting back to the 90’s too. but this is an overall rap up of the songs i listened to between that period of time. i tried not to add more of certain bands, though i swear some bands literally took up months of my time just listening to them on loop. i think i made it clear that yellowcard is my favourite band, but if i haven’t said it before, they are. they really are. and i’m so glad i managed to catch them on tour.

some of the bands are a bit more obscure. i think i found them in the alternative press magazine, myspace (back when it was the facebook of the internet) or randomly on mtv. man, alternative press. i still have them and honestly, they were my music bible. i think while other girls my age might be spending money to buy like seventeen magazine, i was saving my money to get alt press from the times bookstore at the airports. ’cause that was the only place i could find them. this is the issue i found out about head automatica, and decided to get their album ‘popaganda’:


i don’t expect you to listen to all of them, but if you want a good mix of pop-punk and rock these are the ones i recommend from that era. i’m sure i missed out plenty. 45 songs barely goes to cover the amazingness which was that era. i really can’t get this kind of music nowadays. or more like i don’t have the dedication, like back then, to go find obscure indie bands. i’m sure they still exist. after all, i was inspired to do this after listening to we are the in crowd’s cover of brand new’s “sic transit gloria … glory fades”.

i think one thing that makes me proud of that era of my life was how awesome the music felt to me and how i felt they reflected me completely – but whenever anyone asked what kind of music i like, they get a complete shock when i tell them the above bands. i think it’s ’cause they don’t expect it for a quiet and awkward person like me. but i do love these bands. for a good few months of my life, sometimes, they were my only friends. and they have shaped me into who i am today, somehow or another.

well, enjoy the music!

cumuloq ❤


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