the rest: a flight risk

7 the rest - sunday

my weekly round-up: a more consistent week of me working, although i did shirk off a bit during the weekend. i feel like i’m still very much in limbo. and now i feel like a flight risk.

i think the highlight of my week was being able to talk to my friend who’s currently in fort worth, texas, who i haven’t spoken to for a few months now. it kind of made me realise how much i’m stuck here and how scary that feels. what i think i need now is a change of perspective. i feel like a trip overseas is really necessary for me to see things differently, whether it be to come to the final consensus that i really don’t belong here or whether it will make me realise that i should appreciate what i currently have over here. i see so many of my friends right now going off for their grad trips to europe, taiwan, what have you. they’re all going somewhere and once again i feel like i’m anchored here.

the thing is that i’m not used to be anchored anywhere. i spent a majority of my childhood straggled from country to country, spending no more than three years in one place before i had to pack things up in those cardboard boxes, fly overseas and start anew, new friends, new teachers, new streets, new cultural rules to follow. i feel myself feeling that urge again. i feel like i need to find a new home .. but i find that all so hard to explain to everyone at the moment. so, i’m ironically just stuck at home, in front of the computer, virtually travelling, restlessly.

wanderlust is probably not a new feeling for me. i’ve felt it before, lately. i think it’s ’cause this is the longest i’ve ever spent not flying somewhere, being somewhere else … why do i feel like these rants become more and more ridiculous. (self-reflection here).

1. song of the week: just give me a reason cover by michael henry and justin robinett

i really loved their cover of this song. i’ve seen plenty of covers, some good, some mediocre, but i think these guys really made it their own/different. after saying this, the original is still amazing beyond words. michael and justin added their own style to it that was equally amazing.

2. youtube video of the week: behind the scenes: rage quit – slender

i’ve watched this twice and it gets me every time.

3. trailer of the week: ‘violet and daisy’

i love alexis bledel and saoirse ronan and to be able to see the two together will be awesome. plus, the movie has that ‘sucker punch’, ‘hard candy’ and ‘run lola run’ feel to it. all i can hope is that cinemas here will give it a chance to air. otherwise i’m gonna have to find it by other means …

till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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