all the pretty things: 5 places i’d love to visit

1 all the pretty things - monday

since i’m suffering from wanderlust, i thought i’d list down all the places i’d love to visit in the future. so, in no particular order, these are 5 places i’d love to go to:

1. Santorini, Greece
i think this was since i saw sisterhood of the traveling pants 2 (american spelling for your pleasure, americans). i just really want to be there to see the pretty water and the adorable houses.

2. Ireland
here, i’m not really specific. even though this is a very specific photo of the cliffs of moher. the first thing i think of when i think ireland is the sprawling green fields and the geographically spectacular cliffs and the ancient castle ruins with thousands of folklore behind them. and the music, of course. if i were there, i think i would have a personalised playlist of irish music to go along with my sightseeing. ireland has definitely been in my list for a while now.

3. Universal Orlando
the kid in me will just squeal with delight at the idea of going to universal orlando to see the harry potter theme park. but i must! i must! albeit, it may not be as “pretty” related as the first two, in terms of aesthetics, but i’ve seen what the sweet shop and all the little stores on the streets look like and they’re just candy to my eyes! and come on, being there will be “pretty” awesome! (stop, enough with the puns, you exhausted them when you first started this weekly post.)

4. Aurora Borealis
Northern Lights
this one is less about the place and more about the beautiful natural … i wanted to say disaster, but that is really not right. natural light display. i literally went to wiki to see its definition, and how to classify it. i think this is another childhood dream. when i discovered that such a thing existed, i’ve always wanted to just be able to see it for myself.

5. Paris
maybe i should have put this first, ’cause it’s not really a very original one, and it’s highly romanticised and cliched. but i think that’s part of what makes it so necessary in this list.

what are your five places to visit? 🙂

cumuloq ❤


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