movies+music+tvshows: anarbor is awesome, glee is disappointing

3 music+movies+tvshows - wednesday

1. movies

once again, the movies in the cinemas bore me. star trek? no thank you. the great gatsby? maybe not. so i thought i’d just show you a trailer to a movie that looks awesome. and is expected to come out on the 23rd august (US).

i honestly loved shawn of the dead and the movie, the world’s end is packed with actors who are just comedic gold such as simon pegg and martin freeman. while world war z looks like it will potentially lose audiences for being too overwhelmingly macroscopic in perspective, zombies who do not look like zombies, characters taking part in tasks with no evident realistic human emotions to the smaller scale implications, the world’s end has the potential of once again showing a more genuine perspective to an apocalypse: unawareness and high levels of confusion and panic from the little man’s perspective. no wide pan shots of hundreds of thousands of monsters climbing gigantic barricades and walls for me. no. when it comes to the apocalypse, i’d rather take rosamund pike hitting the adversary with a garden spade.

2. music
currently listening to anarbor’s music. i think since i made my playlist on my teenhood it brought me back to that awesome rock songs that i have to admit i really love. i’m currently subscribed to hopelessrecords on youtube. they currently have the kind of style i like. so i found anarbor through there. listen to one of my favourites here.

3. tv shows
i’ve failed you guys! i’m doing a gleecap (potential spoilers alert?) i watched the season finale on monday and frankly, it was really disappointing. the amazing marley written song was not amazing. the other two songs were mediocre. the other competitors were alright but no where near vocal adrenaline’s standard when they did the epic bohemian rhapsody with jonathan groff (by God he’s just too amazing to be beat).

i knew it was unique (wade)! i really did. i did not buy marley’s initial cover-up, i knew there was something off about her admitting that she had done it.

and last, but not least, i really did not like the excuse of brittany being a genius and getting into MIT anyway. ’cause i honestly feel bad for the board of admissions of MIT for having to see themselves portrayed in the manner that glee did, like they accept anyone who potentially shows genius traits. i really don’t buy brittany’s character anymore and am glad that she is leaving. and this is to no offense to heather morris, the actress who plays here.

oh! and one thing that gets me equally mad is that they made ryder say that he is going to leave. (i guess the brittany one was not the last one).

i will say that i will catch the next season just to see if rachel gets her role. but i’m not happy about how the season ended. just really disappointed .. next week i hope i’ll write about some other tv show than that, but there really aren’t many i’ve been able to catch up with.

till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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