the rest: podcasts and sleep patterns

7 the rest - sunday

my weekly round-up: i had a really awesome saturday. i got my l4d2 fix, playing campaigns and survival. realised, at one point, when some guys just blasted out a loud bunch of swears in the lan store, that i was the only girl there, but it was okay. i was okay with that. then i had a great spaghetti bolognese dinner with cheese sticks. my brother had some yoghurt afterwards, and then we went home on the bus with happy tummies and content minds.

my nights have also been pretty awesome too. i’ve just been listening to rooster teeth podcasts (currently listening to one now) and playing mine – sweeper (i bet you thought i was going to say minecraft). no, since listening to chillchaos play and talk on wednesday, i kind of reclaimed my minesweeper territory. which kind of relaxes my mind. i also watched quite a few sims 3 university let’s plays from llandros09.

i’ve noticed that my sleep pattern is affecting my impetus to go to work, which irates me. ’cause it shouldn’t be a problem, seeing as my work is only from midday to night (except for saturday). so i think i need to start making a few adjustments to my current lifestyle.

i think i need to set some goals for myself this week. one them is sleeping by 1am and waking at 9.30pm. i think the other one has to be to submit my resume to at least twenty different companies this week. ’cause i really don’t do it as often as i should. and that really should be my first priority after i finish school. (ahhhh not down that path again!)

okay, to avoid that conversation, let’s move on to my weeklies.

1. song of the week: let her go by passenger

i found this song via the fergies doing a cover of it. so i just discovered this band. the singer’s voice is really unique. i think i just have to go and listen more of their songs. any song suggestions just let me know! (doesn’t even have to be by this band)

2. youtube video of the week: bravest warriors series on cartoonhangover

i think this is less of a video and more of a youtube series. i heard about catbug when i listened to roosterteeth podcast #213. i went to see who catbug was, and after that i decided to watch a few episodes. it’s from the same creator of adventure time. this is very evident from the same animation style and the same kind of random humor. i really do suggest it for anyone who really loves adventure time and have yet to check this out. oh, and to anyone who loves cute things. 🙂

3. trailer of the week: about time

rachel mcadams with a british accent. and the same generic story as the time traveller’s wife and butterfly effect. this has so many potential wrong things about it. yet, i can’t help it. i still want to see this one. again, if it ever gets to my country’s local theaters.

till next time! have a great week!

cumuloq ❤


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