all the pretty things: overhearing children conversations

1 all the pretty things - monday

i used to have playwriting classes and one of the exercises we had to do every week was to record down another group of peoples’ conversations. at first, i thought this would be an easy exercise, ’cause i usually happen to overhear voices all the time, with a really blank look on my face. but after a few attempts i realised how difficult it was to stay in a conversation. one of the most fruitful conversations, however, i learnt to overhear is that between children or a child and an adult. there’s something that really makes you smile about how children talk.

so i want to share with you something i overheard from a little boy to his dad on the bus last week. the boy went something like this:

“i want to go novena. are we going novena? i want to go to novena. where are we going? orchard road? i want to go novena … daddy, can you hold me hand? when we walk down the street later, hold my hand, okay?”

i thought that was one of the most adorable things i’ve heard in a while. ’cause it’s not so often that you hear little boys wanting to hold their daddy’s hand. and it’s something we often take for granted, i.e. the love of our parents.

that’s why i like children conversations. they remind us of the simple things we take for granted that are just pure joy and just incredibly beautiful.

so, overhear a child’s conversation when you can. i’m sure it’ll never fail to make you smile. but meanwhile, here’s some catbug cuteness:

till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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