sci-fi and acoustic is better

3 music+movies+tvshows - wednesday

1. movies

i think i made it really clear already that i don’t watch movies in the cinema too much, ’cause of their over-proportioned desire for cinematic epicness rather than the desire for character emotion and creative plot. i think that’s already self-implied every single time i do this series of blog posts. let’s just put that as the default setting for the following posts to come. so, basically you should understand that i’m not going to talk about an upcoming film. and if i do, it deserves it (or i’m here to tear it down for how awful it is and you shall assume that my boyfriend had dragged me by the collar to watch it – and that the ticket was free because of said dragging).

so, i’d like to talk about a film that is on my ‘to-watch-list’ definitely. and, surprise surprise, the roosterteeth podcast introduced me to this one. it’s called primer

(meta-review forewarning: i’m going to paraphrase a bit from the intro of its wiki review page)

primer was released in 2004 and is an American science fiction drama about the accidental discovery of time travel. the film won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival.

one thing i think makes it a worthwhile film for me to pursue is that it was filmed on a budget of $7000. and honestly, that is really intriguing. ’cause you need to really question, how can you make a film, especially that of science fiction, that may require high amounts of graphics and expensive props to carry out, great on such a small budget? and how can it have such a cult following as it does today because of it?

one answer: plot and ingenuity. (and according to the wiki page also experimental plot structure, philosophical implications and complex technical dialogue.) i’m all on board for that. (inner nerd squealing with delight.) also, apparently the plot is not meant to be easily understood. (inner literature geek squealing with equivalent delight).

so, this is definitely a film i’m going to watch soon. making a mental note of it here.


2. music

the wonder years have great songs. but i think they’re even better acoustic. i checked out a few of their lyric videos and their acoustic ones. i really do admit that they’re really good at crafting witty lyrics. or maybe i’ve spent too much time exposed to mainstream music and electronic (which has no lyrics to begin with.)

3. tv shows


i don’t think this counts as a tv show, but still, have you watched bravest warriors yet on cartoonhangover? have you? you should. you really should.

i know i featured them on sunday, but i have to put them in here again. ’cause it’s honestly all i watch, really. now that glee is over with its season. each episode is really short, only around 5 minutes plus long. and they have currently finished season one, with a total of twelve episodes. and i have to say i really love the backstory a lot. i’m really curious about the time slime and the see-through universe and the emotion lord and neo-mars. it is all a fictional universe should be. and they manage to build so much backstory in just a few episodes. i’ve already watched each episode twice. it’s awesome. and now’s the best time to watch them all before they start on season two this coming fall.

which reminds me! there’s another tv series i can’t wait to come back this fall … sherlock!


i don’t think i can classify myself as a sherlockian .. is that the right term? sherlockian? (please don’t kill me, you swarm of fans.) i don’t really spend my time making gifs of benedict cumberbatch and martin freeman, nor fanfics. but i have to say that the tv show is amazing. so i can’t wait to see the big explanation (spoiler?) of sherlock’s death.

i think fall’s also the time when pretty little liars comes back too. which is awesome as well. oh, plus, i wonder if i should watch the spin-off series, ravenwood, alongside it. i think it’ll do no harm to check out the first few episodes and see if it intrigues me as much.

oh, i’d also like to note that i’m not going to add the daily theme to the title anymore. since it makes it outrageously long, and i have a banner underneath anyway, which makes it redundant to boot.

well, catch you next time!

cumuloq ❤


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