23rd may mid-week update

4 mid-week update - thursday

i realise this is late! (not really for some countries in the west, but here, yes, maybe two hours late of thursday). but nonetheless, i’ll give an update of this week, ’cause i feel like a lot has already happened since this thursday.

so, i have to first say, my goals to sleep earlier and wake up earlier have pretty much gone down the drain. especially since a lot of my activity for the day usually takes plus after 12am, and i can’t help that. and so far, my attempts at sending my resume to at least 20 companies has also failed. i think i only managed two on monday. but, thankfully, i did get responses this week, unlike my previous week, and i have two crucial interviews this coming sunday and tuesday. jobs that i potentially really do want to work for – not some random company with some random job post that i have no idea what i will end up doing except filling in paper work.

oh! i have an anecdote to share, definitely. on wednesday i met my boyfriend so that i could settle some bills and then we headed off to a place where he could print out an a1 poster. i just followed his directions, ’cause i assumed that he knew where he was going. and then, when we reached the station, he said he didn’t know where the place was exactly! so, as usual, i had to take the wheel on the direction-aspect of our relationship. so i asked him to hand over his iPhone and i used his google maps to figure out the mall. which sounded very familiar to both of us. and i couldn’t quite pinpoint where exactly i remembered the place from.

so, i located on google maps a familiar place and a general direction from that place, so we left the station and headed to that general direction. about five minutes walking, i realise that our little blue dot on the map was not heading the right direction, so i decided to pay closer attention to the roads. so i was like ‘queens road’, okay, it’s there and ‘middle road’, okay it’s there.

we reached a point where we were only three blocks away from the place and all we had to do was walk straight, so i put away his iPhone and we just started walking down the street. the first thing i recognise when we were walking down the street was a huge building landmark up ahead. and suddenly it dawned on me, crap, i know exactly where we are and where i’m going! and i turn to him and he is basically staring blankly like an idiot ahead, completely oblivious.

then we past a very obvious building that we’d seen before on our left. and i pointed to it and basically demanded rather than questioned ‘doesn’t that look familiar?’ and the tone my voice had was of someone who knew the answer to a question, or something to that degree. and then he started looking around and he seemed even more confused.

and it was like watching a kid discovering his hands were attached to his arms, or something to that effect. and, after a minute or so of him piecing things together, he was like “oh my god!” and he smacks his forehead. and basically, what we had done was that we had gotten off at a station when we could have just taken a direct bus instead. ’cause the freakin’ place was like a block down from where we usually play lan. and i was practically cursing at him by that time saying, “why didn’t you check where this place was before we went around in circles!” and his only answer to that was “the place sounded familiar …” so, that was our long hike around the city area for this week.

yes. that is what happened this week so far. not going to solely trust google maps and my boyfriend’s topology skills anymore.

till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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