5 a.m. and coffee a go

6 inklings - saturday

crusted cinnamon patted on her nose
brown sugar dabbled there
the coffee beans roasted at 5am
the sun puckers its lips at the granite horizon
oh oh the slow half-hearted drawl
the corpse-like crowd
the crawling taxis
the cream she sinks her lips in
she stubbles past the harsh black words of the headline news
shaving the convoluted adjectives aside
to the marginal wavelengths FM FM
el – even seconds ago she fumbled her keys
upon the doormat
dragged her heels against the corridor’s
dust powdered panels
the oh oh oh
is contagious
cover her mouth at the oh oh oh ohs
it’s ten past 5 am
she sands the brown sugar on the steam-powered beverage
waves the tablespoon


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