train monologues and star trek

7 the rest - sunday

my weekly round-up: (written at 11:21AM on the train) i actually managed to wake up at 9am today (what some may consider late, i consider a grueling labour). however, this was instantly negated when i took the train in the wrong direction (is it just me, but one-north smells like hot milo) – i’m running late for an interview – one of the last things you want to be running late for, apart from exams and a concert where you spent large amounts of money to be able to barely touch the lead singer’s hand, not pressed against sweaty bodies, too height-challenged to see over rows of heads.. so what can i do but ride the train back the other way and hope that i reach there on time … what an excellent start to my sunday morning.

yesterday was quite the opposite; when i was supposed to wake up at ten for work at eleven, i overslept till three in the afternoon, which definitely meant sleeping early last night was quite the chore. (end of note this morning.)

at that point in time, i had no idea that i’d meet a locked office door and two unanswered phone calls .. and wait forty minutes myself to realise that there was a ghost email that was sent to me saying that the interview was scheduled to two in the afternoon. oh well.

1. song of the week: star trek into darkness soundtrack composed by michael giacchino

i decided to give credit to the entire soundtrack above but showcase the theme song here. i personally love movie soundtracks and this one is no different.

2. youtube video of the week: rooster teeth animated adventures drunk burnie returns

i literally watched all the animated adventures, had a marathon of all of them, and this one is definitely one of my favourites. i can’t quite remember, it might have been podcast #211 in which this took place, but it’s even more hilarious there. i’ve never been drunk before, but i bet drunk stories have got to be the most hilarious.
Close runner-up: Darcy Presents & Cirque Du Soleil from MoreZoella. (‘Cause Darcy is the cutiest!)

3. movie of the week: star trek into darkness


yes, i actually watched a movie this time round! and i have to say the second one is a lot better than the first. for obvious reasons *cough* Benedict Cumberbatch *cough*. his acting really stole the show. and the pace was a lot faster and there was a lot more meaningful action. (i think i pissed off a lot of fans with that statement, but i have to defend my case by stating that while the first movie is important, from a film goer’s point-of-view, character establishment should be sharp and take place within the first half hour of the movie, not the entire movie, and that seemed to be the case for the first movie – i wonder if that’s what the people watching harry potter felt like during the first movie … wait, the majority of this entire paragraph is in brackets .. i wonder if people just skip over this, they’ll miss an entire statement here.)

i hope you guys are doing well! and that everything is happy and filled with sunshine in your lives! 🙂

keep on smiling!

cumuloq ❤


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