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it’s really easy to compare yourself to celebrities and those who you think look better than you. but sometimes you need to have a reality check and realise that everyone has their own shortcomings. i believe that the entertainment industry is slowly becoming more forward about their imperfections. i really appreciate celebrities like emma watson and jennifer lawrence who do see a problem in the industry’s obsession with skinny girls and showing off too much skin. (although i do also believe that there are cases in their line of work that have contradicted some of their claims.)

one of the things i’d like to bring to light, though, is shortsightedness – in the literal, not figurative, i.e. dumb comments, sense. you don’t really see too many celebrities wearing their glasses if they are shortsighted. which leads to the assumption that to get anywhere in life you need to have perfect eyesight, or fake it to make it, i.e. contacts. and this is a really bad influence to our generation.

i know plenty of my friends wear contacts longer than they should. and i’m alright with people wearing contacts for special occasions. what i don’t like, however, is when people become too dependent on contacts as a determinant, a sole factor, of how pretty they look or are. and i think a lot of that owes to the image the industry sets up for what is pretty.

after all, there are far too many movies where glasses stand as a symbol of being a nerd/geek/ugly duckling, a symbol that the protagonist has to shed so as to become a stronger version of themselves. take every superhero movie as an example. superman and spider-man (i’m kind of proud of myself to know that stan lee specifies that spider-man needs a hyphen in his name.) also, take every ugly duckling story of a nerdy girl. ugly betty, the house bunny, geek charming (i realise i mentioned more obscure shows, but those are the ones that immediately pop in my head.)


oh, and maybe every single taylor swift video that existed.


i don’t think any girl or guy should be forced to live within these symbols where glasses instantly means that you’re a nerd or a geek or inferior, especially if it results in you wearing contacts for prolonged periods of time. ’cause eye infection is a really serious and disgustingly common case that can easily be preventable if people were more accepting of the way they look, and accepting that they are beautiful.

i’ve had so many friends that have fallen asleep while wearing contacts, or have gone swimming wearing contacts, or even to the shower with them on. their eyes dry out and turn red, but they still put them on the next day in the fear of having someone spot them with their glasses on. these kinds of insecurities are no match for the risks of going blind ’cause you’re straining your eyes more and more with each of these incidents that take place.

i can potentially attempt to scare readers now with images of contacts-related eye diseases. but i think you guys are smart enough to google image that yourself, if you are willing. instead, i think i’ll do something different, and show you photos of celebrities wearing glasses. and not hipster glasses, no. normal, prescription glasses. glasses that the everyday person wears.

tumblr_mj4r8hxUbD1rjqmi1o1_500 selena-gomez-glasses-gorgeous (38)_0

honestly, i’m happy to see celebrity youths with perfect vision or contacts on. but i think it’s about time for some of them to stand as advocates, promoting the fact that one does not need to have perfect vision to be beautiful. that you can be beautiful by just being yourself and comfortable with the way you look.

’cause honestly, i think everyone is beautiful when they are themselves! 🙂

cumuloq ❤


3 thoughts on “about wearing glasses

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  2. I too have had friends who got contact lenses when they found out they needed glasses and have never had a pair of glasses in their life or they got both and would never be seen wearing their glasses in public out of fear of being perceived as being week or different, being overly self conscious, don’t want to look different, don’t want people to know they need glasses, or just plain vanity. I’ve seen them wear their contacts so long that they can’t stand having them in for one minute longer and have to flush their eyes with saline solution to get them re hydrated on their eyes in order to remove them and than once they take them out they can’t see anything because they have no glasses to use and basically go around in a blur until they have to go to bed because they have a headache! All this for vanity, I just don’t get it!

    I on the other hand never had a problem wearing glasses and have embraced them from the first day I got them when I was 15. I was nervous as most people are when I found out I needed glasses and about being seen wearing glasses when I first got them. however, I was lucky in that I had a sister who already wore glasses and she was able to dispel most of my fears and tell me what it was like and what to expect when I got my glasses and her coaching got me through the first few days. I also liked how much better I could see in my glasses and this was far more important to me then being embarrassed by my new look. The first day was hard, but nowhere near as bad as I had imagined. My big fear was people making fun of me, but all I got was compliments and questions as to why I was wearing glasses or what it was like wearing them and that was about it! By the third day, nobody cared or mentioned that I was wearing glasses and it got easier and easier to wear them and after about a month and a half I didn’t even think about them anymore.

    Because of what my sister did for me when I first got glasses I have always tried paying it forward to friends, other family members or students when I taught school who found out they needed glasses or all of a sudden showed up wearing them. I have always told them the first day would be the hardest day of their life wearing glasses, but if they could get through the first few days, they would see that nobody would care that they were wearing glasses and they will get to the point that they didn’t even think about having them on. My first success came when I was still in high school, a friend of mine who had always worn contacts, was told to give her eyes a break because her eyes were starting to show signs of over wearing her lenses, however, she couldn’t bring herself to wear her glasses out in public out of fear of being seen and was going around not being able to see. I kept talking to her and told her that she would see that wearing glasses was not that big of deal if only she would just give it a try. I finally convinced her to go with me and another friend to a mall in a nearby city and we would all wear our glasses, so she could see nobody would think anything different of her and she could get comfortable out in public wearing them. It went really well and by the end of the day she was pretty comfortable and admitted that it was easier than she thought it would be. A couple days later we went to the movies on the other side of town and then stopped to get something to eat. While at the restaurant we ran into a couple kids we went to school with and they immediately asked her when she got glasses and when she told them she usually wore contacts they told her she really looked great in glasses and should wear them more often! This one chance encounter really helped her confidence level and on the way home she told me she was going to try wearing her glasses to school and see how it went. The next morning true to her word,she showed up wearing her glasses and found out that what I had been telling her all along was true and agreed it wasn’t anything like what she expected, all she got were compliments on how good they looked and questions about her glasses, and she decided she would continue to wear them for at least the rest of the week. After only a couple days she realized that nobody cared that she was wearing glasses and it got easier with each day and week one grew into week two, and even after her eye doctor told her she could start wearing her contacts occasionally, she told him she was going to stay with her glasses because she was pretty comfortable in them and would feel funny not having them on!

    A lot of people have a hard time believing that wearing glasses is really not a big deal, but if they only give it a fair shot they realize that after only a few days, nobody cares that they are now wearing glasses and once they get through the first week it becomes easier and easier to grow comfortable with their new look.

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