things i wish i didn’t worry about before going for an interview

2 the idealist - tuesday

i’m going to admit that i am very very superficial when i get the call that i need to go for an interview. ’cause the first stupid thing i always think of is what to wear. yes, not how to prepare for it or do any sort of research into the job, but what the heck am i going to wear?! i think it’s ingrained in me, but i will never feel comfortable in office wear. nope, nope, nope.

pencil skirts terrify me. office blouses are equally nightmarish. i feel like an awkward douche in them. plus, i have yet to find one of those handbags that women carry that doesn’t make me feel stupid holding my hand out in an awkward angle.

so i often stick to dresses that can pass off as formal – which doesn’t help when i step into the holding/waiting room and every freakin’ girl there is holding a handbag, wearing an office blouse and a black pencil skirt, looking all prim and proper and i feel like the girl who went to the wrong party..

and the second thing i worry about, and always terrifies me the most? shoes.


yup, one of the worst things for me to think about when going for an interview are those black heels that pinch at the front and the back and all over. i think in the last three years, i have gone through about four or five pairs of heels and all of them, all of them i swear, i’ve only worn once and then throw away.

i don’t know how girls can do it! my feet are allergic to heels! or literally anything that requires that the shoe goes around my heel. which makes flats sometimes terrible too. i have had blisters, i have had the skin peeled off the back of my heel, i’ve had blisters on my toes, i have had one toenail fallen off, my left big toes is permanently bruised at the tip, the smaller nails look so vulnerable to be pulled off. i don’t understand how other people do it. i think the last few months i’ve gone through two entire boxes of band-aids just for my feet. i have no idea what i can do if i get a permanent job that requires i be in heels all the time. it probably means i have to invest in some really amazing miracle heels – with the no income i currently have.

and those, i sadly admit, are the most worrying aspects of an interview that i wish i didn’t have to worry so much about. it’s only until i reach the place and am forced to wait for the interviewer to come that i realise i forgot to prepare any answers to questions that they are most likely to pose. i’m thankful that i have some miracle way to get by, but i wish that those crazy, superficial worries above would just disappear and allow for me to focus on what really matters in an interview, and that is the interview itself.

thank you, readers, for putting up with my rant. i really hope someone out there shares my woes.

till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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