Anthony from Smosh proposes

it was so sudden and random and i’m just so happy for Kalel and the both of them. they’re engaged to one another!  if you want to skip straight to the proposal it’s here. otherwise you can watch their entire awesome day in Tokyo at an awesome Pokemon store. 🙂

and that’s it, i just wanted to share in my surprise and happiness and their love.

till next time,

cumuloq ❤


merry go rounds, fanfics and birds

7 the rest - sunday

ironically i only had five hours of sleep today. 😦

1. song of the week: Merry Go Round – Kacey Musgraves Cover – By Stassi

i’m surprised that she has so little subscribers ’cause her voice is gorgeous and she is mesmerising on the guitar. after you listen to this song, go listen to more of her other ones. she’s amazing. close runner up for this week is The Fergies – “Clumsy”.

2. youtube video of the week: Daniel Radcliffe’s Fan Fiction Site – The Graham Norton Show

i just laughed throughout this entire video. maybe ’cause, in some sad teenage universe, i was one of those girls .. eep. and second has to be Park Fun with Tyler, Louise & Darcy | MoreZoella, ’cause it was just filled with childish glee and sunshines and bubbles and swings and just overall happiness which made me think of this song, Carpenters – Top Of The World – 1973, and this never fails to put a smile on anyone’s face ’cause its the ultimate happy song in a movie.

3. trailer of the week: Free Birds

’cause this totally reminds me of Chicken Run, heck, it may be a new age remake of it. the trailer has hilarious moments – but i’m terrified that all that it’s one of those trailers where all the funny parts are in the trailers themselves. hmmm. we’ll see!

4. movie of the week: Big Fish (2003)

i went back to one of my all time favourites this time round with Big Fish. and i fell in love with it all over again. if you have never watched it, i really recommend you check it out. it has the Tim Burton-esque feel to it, without it being too overpowering (you know, just a splash of Helena Bonham Carter in there, gorgeous sets and styled clothes).

so tomorrow is Monday, if i’m not lazy, you’ll be seeing new schedules and maybe new banners, if i am, then you’ll see them maybe a week later or a halfway change through the week, it really depends. but it’ll be to improve and for the better of this blog, so don’t worry! 🙂

till next time,

cumuloq ❤

ding dong ditch

6 inklings - saturday

i love him and her in the morning
(but i do not love
the later nights)
the hollow stones i press my backbone to
and scrub those tired tries and aims and misses.

too many calculated kisses and backhands serving
the roasted chicken during christmas
the runaway caroling
(a new meaning to ding dong ditch)

fill the holes with barbed wire and kindness
prune away the August grass
and to hell with all that cumulated, (down)trodden past

of such a tense existence:
at the rim of skepticism and salvation.

i love them in the early morning
i do not love myself in the dead of night.

it’s friday! time for some ‘the last of us’!

5 tgfyv - friday

it’s been a long week. so, i’m so thankful that amazing stuff comes out today and tomorrow. right now, i’m excited, PewDiePie has finally released this. and i’m all set to watch it now (click on the photo to go to it):


hoping to make a review video of it soon. less on gameplay, of course, and more along the lines of its story and visuals. also, hopefully by this coming Monday, which will be the first day of July, i hope to change some of the schedule of the blog so as to create more original and interesting content, as well as to give myself one off-day as well. i am honestly proud of myself for having kept this every-day-blogging streak. and this isn’t the end of it, it’s just the beginning.

so enjoy your weekends!

till next time!

cumuloq ❤

hail, doma and condolences to the Lovato family

4 mid-week update - thursday

so far this week has been an interesting week – for the rest of the world:

1. hail for the first time in my country


i honestly find it surprising how Singaporeans reacted to it (“ahh, run for safety!!”). my boyfriend thought it was a weather miracle ’cause he had never seen such a thing in his life. he was shocked that it was a common occurrence, but i had seen dozens of hailstorms back when i grew up in Perth, Australia. and, guess what, i had slept through the entire thing. ’cause i was so cozy in my bed. 🙂

2. the Supreme Court ruling Doma (Defense of Marriage Act) as unconstitutional

Doma, signed into law by President Clinton in 1996, previously barred married gay couples from a range of crucial legal rights including federal tax and estate tax exemptions, social security benefits, and the right to be notified of the death of next of kin. It also meant that the married partners of gay Americans were not recognised under the immigration system, leading to heartbreaking splits for couples of different nationalities.

i honestly had to properly google what Doma stood for and how it had impacted same-sex marriages and marriage equality. and i’m sincerely happy for those whose voices are finally heard and who are finally liberated by this decision.

3. the sad death of Demi Lovato’s dad, Patrick Lovato


i can’t imagine losing my dad. not yet. so i really feel for her having lost her father, especially with the loving yet turbulent relationship she had with him. so condolences to her, her siblings, her entire family.

so today i post less about myself and more about the world around me. ’cause at this point in time, all around me, i feel that there are much more important things going on than me.

also, just to let you guys know, i’ve been having problems embedding youtube videos into my blog, which is a terrible shame since i rely so heavily on them (i realise). maybe i reached the maximum quota of youtube videos i’m allowed to embed, i don’t know. but i’ll see if i can get that fixed sometime soon.

till next time!

cumuloq ❤

my favourite movie quotes: “you are home”


William Miller: I have to go home.

Penny Lane: You are home.

one of my favourite movies of all time has to be Almost Famousjeez, i have to watch this one again some time. i love the music in the film and i think Kate Hudson was at her best when she acted in this film. and while i loved the lines in the movie, i think my favourite scenes are those that are just filled with great songs like Elton John’s Tiny Dancer” and Cat Stevens’ “The Wind”. 

relive them right here:

1. Almost Famous – Tiny Dancer

2. Almost Famous – Penny Lane’s dance

and if you haven’t watched the movie yet, watch it. it’s good. 🙂

till next time!

cumuloq ❤

World War Z Review

3 music+movies+tvshows - wednesday

warning: article contains spoilers

i would say that where Man of Steel succeeds in its trailer and promotion and fails in its delivery, World War Z is quite the opposite. at first, i was all set to not watch the movie because of the apparent drama circulating about its production. the greatest hype? it going approximately $100 million over its budget. and a close second, which any bookworm has to comply with, is how faithful the movie adaptation is to its original author. the answer is not at all. and they cast their explanations why this is so here (i.e. a geopolitical story is far too loaded and does not make for a very entertaining summer blockbuster).


so let’s get into the analysis of the movie itself, shall we? the plot of World War Z holds a lot of similarities to its zombie film precursors. in fact, we can compare Naughty Dogs’ new video game, The Last of Us, alongside it and see not so remarkable coinciding events which the zombie story loves to replay: a) a man with a family; b) family lives threatened by a sudden mysterious crash/explosion; c) an attempt to evacuate; d) the first encounter of a zombie (in this case, both taking place near a car where it ravages the driver); e) their own car crash; f) an attempt to work with another family, best with other children in danger as well; g) hope for a cure.

these elements are definitely all too familiar with the zombie-fanatic audience, yet, what is it about a zombie film that makes an audience constantly come back to watch these scenes again and again? maybe it’s the love of gore, suspenseful moments that make the heart race and a protagonist who seems to outlast them all. and in these aspects (except maybe the gore aspect, pg-13 doesn’t really scream gore, a lot of the violence is after all censored) World War Z is sure to please.

but as a thought-provoking piece, or a film that pushes the genre into something more original and different? World War Z will not be that movie.

if anything, it will be forgotten by me in six months time, or when another good action blockbuster comes my way.

the film itself begins strong with a scrapbook-like montage of news footage on how the rabbis-like virus was experimented with, intelligent people giving seemingly intelligent debates on the ethics on said experiment, sporadically juxtaposed and intersected with images of carnivorous predators pouncing on their victims and images ala national geographic of ants invading territory and using sure mob strength. if anything, i was surprisingly pleased by the artistic premise of this film. these images served the purpose of establishing to the audience the nature and sheer animalistic ferocity of the World War Z‘s zombies. these comparisons kept flashing back to my mind when i saw how the zombies acted, on the macro scale they moved and strategised like ants, on the micro scale they attacked with blind hunger like tigers, leopards and jaguars.


again, World War Z will not be a movie that pushes the zombie frontier or the multiple questions you may have about the zombie phenomenon. it does not answer how a person may be infected by zombies, it does not explain how exactly the cure works and it does not explain how Brad Pitt can survive so many close encounters just by tying magazines around his forearms. however, as any zombie movie may seek to do, it may force you to reflect upon our position right now as a society, it forces us to question whether the war right now is based on military terrorism or bio terrorism, whether we are far too reliant on technology, technology that in the case of an apocalypse can very well be our downfall, e.g. when Gerry’s wife calls him in the middle of his attempt to refuel the plane, and how rationality can be a downfall as well (which just frustrates me actually, like how they do-off with the Harvard graduate only a few minutes into the mission, and how it took Gerry so long to figure out what the possible cure may be, and how that possible cure honestly just doesn’t make any sense).

the beginning of the movie was definitely its highlight, the next few scenes were a drag, the stealth scenes towards the end in the WHO building were awesome, but the ending with Brad Pitt’s voice-over was as sappy as endings come, and honestly leaves audiences with nothing more but the smoke-out-of-the-ass message: “be prepared to expect the unexpected” – which is ironic as far as the movie goes.

but after all that being said, unlike the book, i doubt World War Z is there for us to over-analyse. it is just a movie where Brad Pitt once again shines as a bad ass hero of the day. it’s the kind of movie that you can watch again five years down the road at home with a bag of popcorn. or as a drinking game, what have you.

so, till next time!

cumuloq ❤