so mothers, be good to your daughters too

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i think i’ve mentioned before how child-like innocence is sometimes taken for granted and one of the most perfect things in the world (i believe) and how we need to listen to how children speak once in a while. but i think one of the things i’d like to highlight today is how parents, especially mothers, treat their children. and sometimes the most encouraging sights in this world is the way a mother will love their child and entertain their strange and cute little whims.

one little toddler that has just caught my eye on youtube lately is Darcy, i.e. Baby Glitter, and the relationship she has with her mother, Louise, and her mother’s youtube friends, which include the earlier featured Zoe.

darcy and louise

as a kid herself, Darcy is just adorable to the moon and back. but what makes her even more precious is that she is surrounded by people who love her and take the time to share in their experiences with her. and these are special qualities that i think viewers can take away from the videos. you can check both of her channels out on SprinkleofChatter and Sprinkleofglitter.

so, i know it’s not mother’s day or anything. but still, i feel like if there is one thing we should be appreciative of it’s the effort our parents have put in to raising us and if there is one thing we should aspire to become, it’s caring and loving parents ourselves.

’cause if you’re ever worried that you will never aspire to anything amazing in life, or unable to impact the world, then if you’re a parent right now or a soon-to-be parent, maybe you should be thankful that you can impact a little girl or boy’s life for the better someday.

till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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