ideally, my favourite movie …

2 the idealist - tuesday

… is Pan’s Labyrinth. sure. i’ve watched it about three to four times, i love the plot and the bittersweet ending is exactly what i expect Ofelia’s fate to be. the costume and art is amazing, the film’s lullaby is beautifully haunting. i love every aspect of it. but if you ask me whether it’s the movie i’ve watched the most? no, it isn’t. or if i can live only on this movie for the rest of my life, if it would be my choice? i would definitely say no.


would my most watched movies therefore be, by definition, my favourite movies? somehow, ideally, i feel that this should be case, but it isn’t.

i can list out some of my favourite movies: Pan’s Labyrinth, Almost Famous, Big Fish, Alien Resurrection and, a new favourite, Star Trek Into Darkness, but they are definitely not the movies i’ve watched the most. and i would definitely not watch them again and again in a row. although i’ve definitely watched the first four at least three times.

on the other hand, there are movies that i definitely know i have watched more than ten times, exactly, more than ten times confirmed. but i would not classify them, by the slightest, to be my favourites, to have an amazing plot, incredibly amazing characters, or be the most impactful films in the age of cinema history. one such movie is the first harry potter movie, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, i’ve watched that about twenty times or more. i can (almost proudly) state that i had the entire script memorised for the first two years it came out. then there are an assortment of embarrassing and not-so-embarrassing choices, like A Cinderella Story, Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams, Geek Charming and Tangled that i have watched for a succession of nights, just because there was literally nothing else i felt like watching.


but while i can mindlessly watch these shows again and again, you wouldn’t catch me saying that they’re my favourite movies. definitely no. how i see it is it’s like how my film professor jokingly tells us that he watches Ironman sinfully more than he probably should, but if anyone asks him what’s his favourite movie, he would devoutly claim that it’s Jaws.

so obviously a ‘favourite movie’ has a lot more in it than a movie that you would watch again and again. and maybe that’s an aspect that is necessary (for me) for a favourite movie. it needs to be able to be digested in careful doses … like your favourite dessert. you can’t have it all the time, you need to step away from it for a few years, then come back to it. so is there a way to say that something is your favourite movie but you need to put a disclaimer that you don’t like to sit there and watch it seven times in a row?

maybe it’s just me, but i need to get a better grasp on what ‘favourite’ really means … but for now i classify the ones above as my favourite movies of all time, and the lower ones my favourite ‘junk’ movies. the former are equivalent to that gorgeous slice of red velvet cake i sometimes treat myself to at Coffee Bean, and the latter are the sour cream and onion chips and salt and vinegar chips i munch on furiously in the middle of the night. somehow, the balance of both worlds makes my movie experience far more richer.

till next time,

cumuloq ❤


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