more aether, more waiting, more furiousity

7 the rest - sunday

my weekly round-up: more waiting .. and random things that make life okay. managed to make it for part of scrabble training yesterday, and that kind of made me happy, that the team is still able to carry on training and working hard. i don’t think i essentially miss it, but i don’t not miss it either.

listening to more podcast, realising i’m a bit too much of a nerd for my own good, realising i know a bit too much about categories that shouldn’t concern me.

1. song of the week: everything has changed – taylor swift ft. ed sheeran

probably the second time i’m putting it up here, but i really do love it.

2. youtube video of the week: aether II ep. 1 “A New Adventure” by Mr360Games

less to do about the video itself and more of the concept of the new series and how incredibly excited i am about it! one of the first minecraft videos i watch was from Mr360Games. he was the one who got me excited about the game and watching let’s plays. i know, it’s a less common place to start. most people begin with captainsparklez, or pewdiepie (who doesn’t really play it), or sky maybe, or antvenom, or chimneyswift …

but Mr360Games was the guy who got me into all of this, so the fact that he is continuing with the new beta version of aether is so awesome. can’t wait for more of this series! and the fact that i’m subscribed to all three of them might mean i’ll be watching this series from three different perspectives! let’s see .. i might just get lazy and stick with Mr360Games himself. or whichever comes out first.

once a doublings, always a doublings. 😀

3. trailer of the week: this is the end: “can i have the milky way” clip

yes .. less of a trailer and more of a preview, but it counts. i realise i’m breaking a lot of rules here, but i would prefer to share this awesome clip than the only trailer i watched this week of an upcoming movie (*cough* the getaway *cough*). oh, but for all those still waiting out for man of steel, i also saw this publicity special of it.

4. movie of the week: Fast & Furious 6


although i’ve only watched the first three, and not the fourth and fifth installment, it wasn’t a hard film to catch up to and get into the groove. the action was definitely a lot better than *cough* G.I. Joe *cough* (i’m sorry, still a bit sick). and my heart just kept racing through the final action scenes with the tank and the aeroplane/airplane. i would really recommend it to anyone who loves action sequences. this one went really smoothly. plus (no spoiler), it had a twist to it that really was not expected.

so, to end it off here, i hope you guys had an awesome week and i wish you all an awesome week to come!

till next time!

cumuloq ❤




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