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2 the idealist - tuesday

i’m often times too much of a perfectionist and when i get hooked on one thing, let’s say the first time i learnt i was going to play l4d2, i will end up spending hours of my spare time trying to perfect any holes in my knowledge about said thing e.g. when i got tired of constantly asking “which gun should i choose? which gun is this?” i literally went back home and went onto The Left 4 Dead Wiki onto the weapons page and took my time to learn the difference between a shotgun and a submachine gun; well, enough to know which gun i liked and which guns to avoid.

so when i realised my ‘bookmarks bar’ on google chrome was a bit bare and my ‘other bookmarks’ was so cluttered, i decided to spend some time (at a very inconvenient hour of the day) to arrange things and to discover new strange websites. so today, i want to show you the product of me being a perfectionist:

bookmark bar

you might want to click on it to get a better view of all the icons. but i will also be going through all of the websites i have deemed worthy to be on my bookmarks bar below. maybe, through sharing them with you you learn some cool new sites. or, you learn more about how weird i am. one of the two.

  • Google – the most standard ‘home page’ search engine goes first
  • Google Translate – it’s subset. you’ll be amazed how many times i’ve had to use this.
  • Minecraft Wiki – the story for this is pretty much the same as the Left 4 Dead wiki page.
  • MentalFloss – a website filled with random facts, you know, just so you can spread your fictitious knowledge during conversations
  • LinkedIn – made an account when one of my profs stated in lecture that every student who wants a job should have one. such a false statement .. but still.
  • Cleverbot – those lonely/boring nights
  • Reddit – to get up-to-date with the latest trending stories and pics, e.g. Peter Dinklage’s (aka Tyrion Lannister’s) b’day!
  • IMO – haven’t tried it out yet, but it allows you to chat on different instant messaging networks at the same time.
  • WordPress – so i can quickly access and blog .. i really think this is self-explanatory.
  • Twitter – ’cause i jumped on the bandwagon just four months ago so i can follow some of my favourite youtubers.twitterscreenshot
  • Facebook – self-explanatory?
  • Tumblr – self-explanatory ..
  • Cathay Cineplexes – one of my local cinemas
  • Shaw – another of my local cinemas
  • 1channel – my friend recommended this site for movies just this year
  • – where the wild things are ..
  • – where the less wild things are ..
  • – currently streaming game play. oh, and recent news is it’s on board with xbox one. 🙂
  • Web Sudoku – for more boring nights
  • Online Etymology Dictionary – a dictionary of explanations of word meanings. i use it for poetry and i have used it to help me with my essay writing during college.
  • Youtube – a link that has been raped too many times.
  • NTU – my college. see, you did learn more about me!
  • Qoo10 – when i get shopping cravings but am too lazy to step out the door.
  • Rotten Tomatoes – my secondary bible when it comes to movies and whether i should watch them.
  • Tracyeinny – a random blogstore i like to look at every now and then. i have bought one dress from them before.
  • Rooster Teeth – one of my favourite gaming communities .. still wondering whether i’ll make an account in it.
  • – filled with pretty photos to add to tumblr if my current ones bore me.weheartit
  • Hotmail – i’m honestly confused as to whether i should call it ‘hotmail’ or ‘outlook’ or ‘login live’
  • Free-Tv-Video-Online – i use this site more for series, but it’s becoming less and less reliable
  • – my mecca for films and actors. and the primary bible for whether i should watch a movie.
  • – i realised when clicking on this link that it has recently changed to … awkward
  • – my guide site for neopets
  • SuggestMeMovie – when i’m trying to figure out what movie to watch next, this site is awesome for it
  • deviantART – for some of the most obscure yet beautifully talented artists out there. and where a lot of photos from tumblr actually come from, and sadly ‘un-credited’ too. some of my favourite photographers.deviantart
  • – this site has all the neopet dailies and game guides i need
  • Neopets – the actual neopets site. my account is currently seven years old. but i started back in 1999, my first account got hacked into.
  • ThePirateBay – *cough cough*
  • Groupon – a nifty site for discounts
  • Smosh – similar to Rooster Teeth, but a more childish version – in the boobs, farts and giggles sort of way
  • Steam – a platform for buying and playing games
  • PopUrls – a site that contains headlines of the most frequented websites. basically a way you can see what’s trending in a glance.popurl
  • Know Your Meme – when memes become too confusing, overwhelming or obscure, this is where i go.
  • Golden Village – another local cinema for me to check movies and timings.

 basically, i’ve arranged all these links according to colours rather than their function .. but you kind of see a trend colourwise, e.g. social networks tend to be blue.

well, i think i’ve given you a glimpse of my habit to perfect things ..

till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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