E3, thank you for your distractions

4 mid-week update - thursday

at the rate i’m heading this week, it may very well be ‘awsd thursday’. while i’m just quietly waiting for any answers for my future, having strange dreams (and nightmares) of the results of my interview, people telling me i’ll never make, people telling me i’ll surely make it, realising i missed out on so many classes during the holidays that i’m supposed to attend, getting my first class honors taken away from me, running across dozens of lanes of traffic avoiding cars (all of which are dreams and nightmares that have been circling through my head) … i’m just sort of relieved that i can have E3 buzz and a Pretty Little Liars mini-marathon yesterday to keep myself distracted.

so here are some of my favourite youtubers vlogging their first day of E3 below (all of which are currently on my ‘watch later’ list and i have yet to, but will, watch):

personally, i’m not sure whether i’ll want to go to E3 someday .. maybe i’d like to catch something smaller and more towards my local proximity like PAX australia. sadly, tickets this time round are sold out. in general, all of this kinda buzz really makes me wish that i wasn’t here again. like, i still feel i deserve a proper grad trip, especially after the effort – okay, i didn’t really put that much effort – um, after the results i got. but, before i go sulking about that old topic, i’ll end this update.

in short: E3, distractions, still waiting. that’s my life at the moment. it’s nothing exciting, it’s nothing like parties every weekend, drinking and travelling. but, somehow i hope that’s comforting to those out there who don’t really do those sort of things either.

till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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