monster loves you!

6 inklings - saturday

today’s post for ‘inklings’ is less a poem and words and more of my review of an indie game on steam called ‘Monster Loves You’ by Dejobaan Games (i know, very different, but hear me out). i got this on steam for $9.99 USD when it was on sale earlier this weekend. how it ties in with ‘inklings’ is that it is like a choose your own adventure type game where the monster you create and the journey it takes is determined by your choices – so basically it is like an interactive story. so this is basically like me reviewing a novel.


while many reviews may state that it is more for the younger crowd, i still really love it. maybe ’cause i’m a bit of a child at heart. i love the cute animations, the story line, the way you can determine whether humans and monsters get along or create war against each other, and the calming music.

so far i’ve completed it twice. each round is about 20mins, depending on the speed at which you read, how long it takes you to choose, and what you choose. sometimes your journey can end faster than the actual gameplay, and sometimes you can go to the very end.

so far i’ve managed to complete two achievements, which are basically the complete opposite of each other:


“war, all humans dead” basically involves you aiming to get more points for ferocity and bravery and, at the end, making the humans have a good impression of the monsters and the monsters having a bad impression of the humans. meanwhile, “peace, combined prosperity” involves you aiming to get more points for kindness and cleverness and, at the end, getting the humans and monsters to both have positive views of each other.

i want to see if i can eventually get all of them, so i know what each of the monsters look like and get all the pretty icons for them.

overall, i think it’s kind of refreshing for me to see a game that relies more on storyline and is creative in that sense, than to fall back on the generic “shoot and fight” aspect of gaming. i really hope that more of these kinds of games come out in the future.

in terms of ratings (i’ve only ever rated one other thing on this blog before, so i have to go back to that, i.e. the philosophy body lotion review) i’ll give it a 3.5 out of 5. it’s a cute little game, but i wonder how long it’ll capture my attention for. but for now, i’m going to slowly try to get all the achievements! 😀

till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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