arts and crafts time!

7 the rest - sunday

my eyes have been really dry over the weekend, so i was stuck at home taking eye baths, squeezing gel into my top eyelid and trying (but obviously failing) to spend less time on the computer. i managed, to some extent, when my brother bought home a keychain-making kit from daiso (a two dollar chain store). somehow, after about two hours and much poking of wool and poking of our fingertips, we managed to master figure out the art of needle felting.



i think the first time we tried making the bear, we were very amazed as to how, just by poking the wool with a needle again and again, it managed to get more solid. there was something also oddly satisfying and stress-relieving about poking a wool ball again and again.

today, he brought home two more animal keychain kits. one for a tiger and one for a pig. i’m pretty proud and satisfied that i managed to make the pig one. 😀

now we’re thinking we should attempt to make our own creations without the instructions and already prepared materials to guide us. there are a lot of adorable critters that we could make besides the ones above.

1. song of the week: Pegboard Nerds – Disconnected

i really couldn’t help it this time with all the electro. especially when i spent most of my time this week watching e3 videos and photoshop drawing catbug. this is the catchy tune from Mr360Games outros. close runner-ups are For The Foxes – Running Back To You (Lyric Video) and Gravity Bound Acoustic (In Studio) by Dan Henig.

2. youtube video of the week: VS Episode 15 – Ray vs Jack

you can tell that they’re getting desperate to beat Ray of his winning streak when they’re willing to step out of the comforts of their office … and when they resort to this. don’t want to spoil anything, but it’s pretty priceless, what happens. close-runner up: Straight Dudes Skipping.

3. trailer of the week: The Last of Us Walkthrough Part 01 – Prologue

less of an actual trailer, but it really tugs your heartstrings and makes you want to play!

till next time, guys!

cumuloq ❤


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