staring up at the clouds

1 all the pretty things - monday


today i woke up real late in the evening, my head a daze. which was kind of apt since the city around me was surrounded by haze. not the healthy kind, not the pretty kind, that sinks into the irish grass. it’s the kind that clogs the lungs and drags its arse – okay, i’ll stop with the rhyming now. but yes, i thought it was appropriate to make today’s post about clouds. ’cause you know how they say ‘you never know what you’ve got till it’s gone’? well, today, i realise that we never really appreciate looking up at the sky and being able to see how blue it is and how beautiful it is.

when i created my blog, i named it (or rather my identity attached to it) ‘cumuloquoise’. it was me merging two words ‘cumulus’ and ‘turquoise’ together. so, i think this kind of blog post is due ’cause it is, in a sense, a part of my blog’s identity: clouds.

here’s a pretty song to listen to while i share with you an old blog post (redox) from my old blog: Clouds by Zach Sobiech

John Constable was a romantic (the period, not the adjective) painter better known for his countryside paintings, e.g. The Hay Wain (a painting that, according to my literature and art prof, can be seen in every english pub hanging on the wall) and The Cornfield. i didn’t really appreciate those paintings of his. the paintings i thought were really breathtaking were his attempts to capture clouds on a canvas.

so below are some of his beautiful cloud studies:

Cloud-Study-1821-(2)-large Cloud-Study,-1821-large Cloud-study,-horizon-of-trees-large Study-of-Clouds-large Study-of-Cumulus-Clouds,-1822-(2)-large

meanwhile, i also find it awesomely apt that i’ve been watching Mr360Games’ Minecraft – Aether II Ep.1 ” A New Adventure ” w/ Chim & Clash on youtube as well, seeing my favourite minecrafters jump on clouds on this very cloudy day.

i know that when this fog clears up, i’ll be happy and more appreciative of the sky and clouds! 🙂

till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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