all the movies i’ve watched so far

2 the idealist - tuesday

once more, i’ve attempted to do something very idealistic and began listing down all the movies i’ve ever watched. thanks to my endeavour was simplified: here it is.

these are all the movies i’ve currently collected on my list. yes, it’s crazy to tally it all, but currently i have 792 titles on that list – and i know for a fact that i have a lot missing there too. 


the experience of adding all these movies on my list and giving them a personal rating at the same time has made me realise a few interesting things.

    1. we may not realise it, but we spend an awfully lot of time and money watching movies (especially if you’re the kind that will go back to watch your favourites again and again). just take this into consideration for a moment, all the time you spend getting wrapped up into a storyline, falling in love with fictional characters on the screen, gawking over the special effects and laughing over incidences written by screenwriters and translated from words to actions by directors and producers … all this time you had could add up to a year of your life. and this year of your life you have made the choice to watch a movie. i’m not too sure whether that’s terrifying for you – but while i spent several more hours making a list of the hours i’ve wasted watching all these shows (some of them, i guarantee, that were not worth my time and effort watching them), i was a bit in awe. the even more scary thing is that i know that i’m going to spend a whole lot more hours on movies in the future. it is guaranteed.
    2. memories are fallible. incredibly so. while i was trying to list whether i’d watched a movie or not, i found myself doubting and questioning myself and having (hilarious) internal battles on whether to add it to my list. especially those movies earlier on. for instance, i questioned whether i’d watched britney spears’ crossroads and mariah carey’s glitter, or whether i’d just read their titles and horrible reviews in a magazine somewhere. (thankfully i realise i’d watched none of them.) it was increasingly more difficult for sequels as well. i was very unsure how far i’d gotten into one sequel of, let’s say, the naked gun. so when in doubt, i’d skip them. which means there’s a potential that i’ve watched a movie before but eliminated it from my list because i could not remember it. which means that all the movies with forgettable storylines might as well not be watched, agreed?
    3. there are so many similar movie titles. please stop with the unoriginal titles. there were so many times i was dupped into thinking i’d watched a movie only to realise that it was just another movie with a similar title. if you don’t believe me, go look for all the movies with the word ‘chocolate’ in the title. movie-makers really love their chocolate. and to make it worse, remakes. i realise that so many shows i’ve watched have had remakes. and most of the time, the golden rule is that the original is always better. i didn’t realise that christina ricci’s that darn cat was a remake of an original from 1965 (an original with two stars more than the remake). maybe that’s why i prefer the original charlie and the chocolate factory in comparison to the johnny depp creepy remake.
    4. you do not need to be born in that era to have watched and loved and grown-up with that movie. you know the typical assumptive/stereotyped saying “you weren’t even born yet!” well, it’s not really salient. firstly, ’cause movies are timeless, and secondly, there is usually a decade or so worth of buffer time when a parent will still show their child a movie from before they were born. i was born exactly in the 1990s. but i realise i had to push my search list all the way back to 1965 to catch some of the movies i’d watched. i used the sound of music as my gauge. ’cause i grew up to Liesl singing under the gazebo in the rain. my favourite was brigitta, ’cause i thought the actress who played her, Angela Cartwright, was so pretty – but that’s getting off-topic. the point i’m trying to make here is that that show was thirty-five years before i was born, but i still grew up with it (along with the wizard of oz which is even earlier on, 1939). so, when it comes to movies at least, you cannot judge a person’s generation by the movies present during their decade. it doesn’t exactly work that way.
    5. movies are nostalgic. full stop. movies aren’t always about the films themselves, but the familiar emotions that arise from you when you recollect scenes and phrases in those movies. essentially, going back to a movie is like a time capsule of yourself back then. it reflects who you were, and partially of who you are. after all, many of us go through our every day lives reliving moments in movies and coming across familiar references to movies. sometimes they are the maps that guide us subconsciously in everyday society.


Brigitta from The Sound of Music – just ’cause i couldn’t help myself. she’s too adorable.

as a whole, i wouldn’t really advise anyone to try making a list of all the movies they watched. it really involves scrolling through pages and pages of movies, trying to figure out whether you’ve watched this movie or that. but if you do try please make yourself a member of and just add the movies from there than create a list from scratch on, let’s say, an excel sheet or microsoft document. they’ll even display what kinds of movies you’ve watched the most. i didn’t expect it, but i’ve watched mostly comedies.

till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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