scrabble drinking game, anyone?

5 tgfyv - friday

i’ve seen people propose guidelines to a possible scrabble drinking game without much knowledge of the rules of the game. so here are the guidelines i would give to ‘Words with Drunk Friends’.


  1. the player who draws the tile to start first (closest to A or blank) drinks*.
  2. if a player scores less than 15 points in their round they drink.
  3. if a player is forced to exchange or skip their turn they drink.
  4. if a player scrabbles/gets a bingo (uses all seven tiles and gets the 50+ point bonus) all the other players drink.
  5. if a player is successful in challenging another person’s word the other player drinks.
  6. if the player is unsuccessful they drink.
  7. if a player plays a heavy letter tile (i.e. J, K, Q, X, Z) the other players drink.
  8. if a player plays a heavy letter tile on a triple word score the other players drink twice.
  9. if a player scores above 40 points in their turn (not including the bingo) all the other players drink.
  10. if a player scores a nine timer (i.e. their scrabble hits two triple word scores) all the other players drink three times.
  11. the player who wins (and who is assumed to be the less inebriated of all the other players) drinks three times.

*by drink, it means take a good gulp from the cup

and there you have it! my guidelines for a good scrabble drinking game! and, if you don’t drink (which i actually don’t), then that’s okay, there are always good substitutes to this. for instance, you can change the alcohol for fruit juices that the players are not particularly fond of, or a bite of something disgusting, take your pick. 🙂

and, last but not least, a youtube video for your friday night in (if it’s a friday night in):

till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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