peaches, races and lego

7 the rest - sunday
came back from watching World War Z! and, yes, i will make a review soon. expect it this wednesday, i owe that.

1. song of the week: Peaches and Coffee (Original Song) – The New Velvet ft. Alyssa Bernal

my favourite line is “stop spending on your time with chocolate ice-cream and start living life like it is an IMAX 3D”. the lyrics are quirky and definitely different.

2. youtube video of the week: Let’s Play – GTA IV Lone Wolf Biker

their GTA LPs are the best. close favourites are also games and epic reactions: SkyDoesMinecraft‘s Minecraft Mini-Game : X-RUN! (be thankful i didn’t give you guys Ryan’s perspective) and SourceFedNERD‘s Super Smash Bros. Brawl goes HEAD 2 HEAD!

3. trailer of the week: ‘The Lego Movie’ Trailer

at first, skeptical. on second glance, maybe .. i .. want .. to .. watch .. this. but maybe not in theatres.

till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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