youtube couples and the openness to share love

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while it’s apparent that, when we see our friends showing public displays of affection on facebook or twitter, or really any social media platform, or in real life, it makes us shudder in our slightly jealous yet completely revolted skins, i can say that when it comes to youtube couples showing their affection, it is almost the exact opposite.

we ‘gif’ them, we ‘ship’ them, aim to know more about them than they do, tell them to “get married already and have babies” in the comment sections. yes, they are our mini-version of celebrity couples. and they invite us into their lives voluntarily when they put up videos of themselves being goofy and, i have to say, i admire them for the amount of guts it takes to share their lives with fans all over the world.

so, i’ve compiled a list of my favourite youtube couples. and, later on, i’ll reveal why this topic has suddenly become relevant:

1. Mario and Tiffany Lopez a.k.a. Red and iHasCupquake

i initially followed iHasCupquake for her gaming videos, but i soon realised that i was learning more and more about her and Red’s relationship through their series of Minecraft Noobyweds. i learnt about how they met (on myspace), how Red and Cupquake got their first jobs, how Red proposed and so forth. soon, they were a staple couple that i just loved watching on youtube. they are very open about their relationship plus they have similar likes and dislikes and share similar job fields so i just love how they are perfectly matched for one another. oh, and they have two cats. if there wasn’t enough icing on that cupcake. i honestly can’t imagine the two of them having a bad day. they’re just filled with sunshine!

2. Felix and Marzia a.k.a. Pewdiepie and … Marzia

at first, or more like two years ago, Pewdiepie was really hesitant to share his relationship with Marzia (cue video link of that), he agreeably had the right morals and views that relationships are more private issues that just should not be shared with just anyone. but now it’s obvious that Marzia cannot be hidden from his fans’ sights, especially when she is so pretty and just helplessly cute. and it’s interesting to watch them grow together with a very different dynamic to the more matured relationship of the above, Red and Cupquake. they play games together and hang out together, and the fans get a good glimpse of a day in the life of Pewdiepie and Marzia.

3. Anthony and Kalel

with a more open relationship, especially with their own channel, WatchUsLiveAndStuff, Anthony and Kalel have great charisma and just have so much awesome fun together. if you don’t believe me, just watch the video! and if you watched it already, watch it again!

4. Jim Chapman and Tanya Burr

getting to my UK youtubers now! i think that if you follow any of the UK youtubers that basically revolve around Marcus Butler and Finn and Jack and Zoella and all that, you know that Jim and Tanya are a staple couple to the entire UK youtube group. they’re just both very sweet and i love that they are willing to share their lives with their fans.

5. Bernie and Ashley

a less outspoken couple, but still a really sweet one. they played a series of Flock for the LetsPlay channel of RoosterTeeth and i thought that it was just adorable that they decided to put their relationship in potential jeopardy just to get the two achievements for Burnie. so thumbs up for them!

lastly, you’re probably wondering why i made a post about how sweet and absolutely heartwarming it is for youtube couples to share with their fans and audience their lives. and that’s ’cause of the dangers when it comes to making a relationship so public. just like i assume celebrity relationships are like public images that need to be maintained and kept well, a youtube relationship also needs to be managed carefully ’cause you’re not only getting in a relationship with another youtuber (or potential personality figure), but also with the fans that may attach themselves to the image of the other person, and those who get attached to seeing the two of you together.

so what happens when it all falls apart?

i think it was only a few weeks ago that i shared how sad i was to see Luke and Ingrid break-up. yet, i still felt that it was necessary for me to be supportive of their decision. after all, it is such a tough call when the two of them knew that there will be fans who won’t react well. indeed, i was quite disappointed when some of Luke’s followers began writing such inconsiderate comments on his latest song and video “Summer Love”.

likewise, i have to say that i am once again broken to hear that another youtube couple have broken up, a freakin’ adorable couple as well, at that, Charlie and Bryarly. you can get their full explanations here (Charlie’s) and here (Bryarly’s). i have watched them grow separately and then come together and then drift apart (just like Luke and Ingrid’s relationship). but once more, i have to say, that i think their decision was theirs to make, and wise. and that i wish them all the best for the future. and if anything, i am so amazed and impressed by how these youtubers have handled their relationship break-up in such mature ways. (definitely far more mature than i’ve seen certain celebrities handle theirs.)

so, for this Monday, i’m celebrating the beautiful way youtube love birds let us in to their lives and how they, as tragically beautiful as it is, handle their relationships and their break-ups. if anything we should feel privileged that they have allowed us to be a part of their journey, and not attack them for a decision that was entirely theirs and never ours to make. 🙂

till next time!



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