New Banners for the Blog

1 silver lining - monday

It’s July, and time for a new update and renovation of the blog. As you can see, the theme for Mondays have changed to Silver Lining. The idea for this new theme is not unlike the old one which was titled All the Pretty Things; it is all about looking at life from a more optimistic standpoint, and to look at all the beautiful things that life has to offer.

The words ‘silver lining’ have always stood out to me ever since I was six ’cause of the hymn, “May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You” where the line goes “May there be a silver lining, / Back of every cloud you see”.

So for today I will give you an introduction to this theme and a look at the banners that will follow for this week and the rest of this month. I hope that these themes will provide me more inspiration to write more meaningful content for this blog:

2 childlike ideals - tuesday 3 movies+tvshows - wednesday 4 my soundtracks - thursday 5 tgfyv - friday 6 inklings - saturday 7 the rest - sunday

and till next time!

cumuloq ❤



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