Childhood Places in Perth, Australia

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It’s been ten years since I was back in Perth, Australia, my childhood city. I think if there was one thing I have to be thankful of in my life, it’s that I had that ideal childhood growing up. My school focused less on competitive academics, there were no tests, the class was not graded from best student to worse, there was a zero tolerance to bullying and (although I don’t know whether to be proud of this) my parents spoiled my brother and I silly with anything that we really wanted.

So, for this series of posts, it is me sharing all the things I loved about my childhood, and things that just make me feel like a child again. And maybe somewhere in these series of posts, you’ll feel some love for your childhood too. Today, it will be all the places that were just awesome when I was a child growing up in Perth. And if you ever go there, these are the places I’d probably tell you to check out too:

1. Cottosloe Beach


Whenever summer holidays came around, my family and I would always end up here, eating ice-cream (my favourite had to be Paddle Pop Rainbow or the Chupa Chup Ice-creams), fish and chips, hanging out at Blue Duck Cafe, building sandcastles, playing frisbee or ball, and boogie boarding. This was mainly ’cause it was the closest beach to my home, just on the other side of Stirling highway. A lot of my best summer memories come from over there.

2. King’s Park


And for the cooler months, we went to King’s Park. Mostly the kid’s area with the awesome playground. There was a rock in the sandpit that my friends and I used to climb atop and see who was daring enough to jump off of it and how far. (Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds, it wasn’t that high – for a kid maybe, but it wasn’t that high.) And we used to eat loads of BBQ food there too. We’d have sausages – oh my God, I miss Australian sausages, they were the best (no, dirty-minded readers, it was not meant to be an innuendo).

I’m not too sure whether the above photo is that accurate of the place. I remember that they kept renovating it when I got older, ’cause a lot of parents didn’t think the playground was that safe. I do remember that a kid fell off of the equipment and they actually managed to get the ambulance on the island. Another thing I remember was that they started to change the logs that crossed the lake to bridges, ’cause people would attempt to cross it and it looked really dangerous. But, no, I shouldn’t be advertising this about King’s Park (yes, I’ll make an awesome travel agent). As a whole, it was one of the most prominent parks I’ve been to, constantly. It was the last park and party I had when I had my family’s farewell party before moving out of the country.

3. Perth Royal Show Grounds


Every year, when I was a kid, I’d tell myself that I wouldn’t get anymore of those show bags. And every year I fail, really badly. There would always be about three bags that I’d have to narrow my choices to, and then narrow it down to two. Then we’d base our day around what we want to see and where those show bags are. My brother and I have never actually tried the rides, ’cause we were young and terrified of all those fast moving rollercoasters and spinning contraptions, but we’d always end up looking at the petting zoo and try some of the games. I think this was my mum’s personal nightmare, chaperoning two hyped-up-on-cotton-candy kids.

So these are three of my favourite places in Perth when I was a kid. There were many more other places, of course, such as Burswood, Fremantle ParkScarborough Fair MarketThe Aquarium of Western Australia and Scitech – really the list is endless.

But if you ever do stop by in Perth, before judging it as a boring place, talk to the locals and learn about the places we love and why we love them. Sometimes places are made special not ’cause of the activities that are blatantly there but the people you share the space with and the awesome things that you can think of doing together there. In the above places, and in my childhood city, Perth, these places make up part of my memories of my most cherished childhood.

Till next time,

cumuloq ❤



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